The Booth Brothers is an American southern gospel vocal trio.

Group history

The Booth Brothers was initially formed in the 1950s by Ron Booth, Sr. with his brothers Charles, James, and Wallace, after they moved to Detroit. However, Ron decided to disband the group in 1963 when he joined The Toney Brothers. In 1990, Ron's youngest son, Michael (b. October 8, 1971), decided to revive the group with his brother Ronnie II (b. June 28, 1965), and his father. They started performing and touring around Florida and recorded several albums. In 1998, Ron decided to retire and the remaining brothers started looking for a replacement. They recorded several albums with Joseph Smith, who was later replaced by Jim Brady (b. May 19, 1970). Brady remained with them until 2014, at which point he was replaced by Paul Lancaster (b. February 23, 1968).

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1993: Beyond the Cross 1996: Praise God Anyhow 1996: One of His Own 1998: Will You Love Jesus More 1999: Beyond the Cross [re-issue] 1999: Walkin' on the Good Side 1999: Treasure These Moments, Volumes I & II 1999: Pure and Simple, Volume I 2000: Pure and Simple, Volume II 2000: This Stage of Grace 2001: 10th Anniversary Classic Collection 2002: The Booth Brothers Classic Collection Volume II 2003: The Booth Brothers 2003: Live in Lakeland 2004: Pure Southern Gospel 2005: The Blind Man Saw It All 2005: The Booth Brothers Christmas 2006: Harmony 2006: Hymns, Pure and Simple 2007: Trails of Paradise 2007: Carry On 2008: Room for More 2009: 09 2009: Live at Oak Tree 2010: Declaration 2011: Let It Be Known 2012: The Best of the Booth BrothersCompilation 2012: Requested 2012: A Tribute to the Songs of Bill and Gloria Gaither 2012: Greatest Hits - Live 2014: Isaiah 12:2 2015: Still


The Booth Brothers were nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Southern, Country, or Bluegrass Gospel Album for their album Room for More. The album was also nominated for two Dove Awards at the 40th GMA Dove Awards: Southern Gospel Album of the Year and Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year.

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