Ali Mukhwana is a gospel artist who was born in Kakamega county. He is a worship leader at Heart of Worship Ministries and at one time co-hosted at Angaza show at Kenya Broadcasting Channel.
The gospel minister was born in a family of 17 boys and each boy had their own mother. He studied in eight different schools during his primary education and later joined Ingotse high school where he finished his secondary education .He had a twin who was killed due to family customs and beliefs. His father rejected him and he lived with his mother who used to encourage him to work hard in life. His mother got married and gave birth to triplets.
Mukhwana started his music career when he was working at a construction site in Kakamega county. He later got a contract at Mombasa at a salt company. During this time he met a pastor and became a full time worshiper in church and joined the praise and worship team in 2007, at Kenya Assemblies of God led by Bishop Elisha Juma for two years.

Ali took part and emerged a winner in gospel singing competitions, an event that was organized by Exodus. He later moved to Nairobi where he was involved in competitions and won a car, Xtrail, worth 2.8 million.

He later decided to record the Usinipite- a song that he had sung and emerged the winner. He was given a one year contract at Kenya Broadcasting Channel as the co-host for Angaza show.

After the contract he decided to go back home where he still faced rejection from his family members. He later reconciled with his father though he had wanted to shoot and kill him. He made peace with his family.

Ali Mukwana got married to Anne Samuel Mukhwana in 2016 October 20 and the two are blessed with a daughter by the name Desire Belle Mukhwana.

Ali Mukhwana continued with his music carreer and managed to produce more songs inclusive of,

ü Usinipite.

ü Ni salama.

ü Mtakatifu.

ü Nimekubali.

Pamoja Na Wewe Pamoja Na Wewe - Ali Mukhwana

Utukufu Utukufu - Ali Mukhwana

Wewe ni Zaidi Wewe ni Zaidi - Ali Mukhwana - Apostle Frank


Nitakase - Bwana Naomba Bwana Unitakase Nitakase - Bwana Naomba Bwana Unitakase - Ali Mukhwana

Mungu wa Neema - Ni Wa Neema Mungu Baba Mungu wa Neema - Ni Wa Neema Mungu Baba - Ali Mukhwana

Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana - Ali Mukhwana

Maombi Yangu Maombi Yangu - Ali Mukhwana

Jinsi Nilivyo Bwana Jinsi Nilivyo Bwana - Ali Mukhwana - Tumaini

Mwenye Enzi Mwenye Enzi - Ali Mukhwana

Ni Wewe Ni Wewe - Sylvia Akoth - Ali Mukhwana

Manukato Ya Sifa Manukato Ya Sifa - Ali Mukhwana

Aliye Ndani Yangu Aliye Ndani Yangu - Ali Mukhwana

Unastahili Unastahili - Ali Mukhwana

Niko Salama Niko Salama - Ali Mukhwana

Kwa Pamoja Kwa Pamoja - Ali Mukhwana

Tunakuabudu Tunakuabudu - Lydia Cheryl - Ali Mukhwana

Haufananishwi Haufananishwi - Ali Mukhwana

Nikuabudu Nikuabudu - Ali Mukhwana

Uniongoze Uniongoze - Ali Mukhwana

Ni kwa Neema Ni kwa Neema - Ali Mukhwana

Jambo Gani Jambo Gani - Ali Mukhwana

Omwami Omwami - Ali Mukhwana

Tazama Tazama - Ali Mukhwana

Msalaba Msalaba - Ali Mukhwana

Wewe Ndiwe Wewe Ndiwe - Ali Mukhwana

Watakusema Watakusema - Ali Mukhwana

Ni Salama Ni Salama - Ali Mukhwana

Nitumie Nitumie - Ali Mukhwana

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Albums & Songs

  • Utukufu Na Heshima
  • Usiyebadilika
  • Malako Medley
  • Yahweh Haubadiliki
  • Utukuzwe
  • Hakuna Jina
  • Ni Salama
  • Yesu Roho Yangu
  • Nitakase
  • Mikononi
  • Mungu Wa Neema
  • Mikononi
  • Mushibala Ne Eshimuli
  • Niko Salama
  • Nimekubali
  • Pamoja Na Wewe
  • Sifa Za Moyo Wangu
  • Unaishi Ndani Yangu
  • Yesu Uzima Wangu
  • Utukufu
  • Usinipite
  • Jinsi Nilivyo (feat. Tumaini)
  • Mwenye Enzi
  • Manukato Ya Sifa (feat. Guardian Angel)
  • Nikujue Zaidi
  • Nitakase
  • Ni Wewe (feat. Sylvia Akoth)
  • Jina La Yesu
  • Umbali Huu Umenitoa
  • Alimaliza
  • Have Your Way
  • Kwa Pamoja
  • Kwa Yesu
  • Mchungaji
  • Yesu Yesu
  • Zaidi
  • Jambo Gani
  • Msalaba
  • Ni Kwa Neema
  • Nikuabudu
  • Nitumie
  • Omwami
  • Sifa
  • Tazama
  • Watakusema
  • Wewe Ndiwe