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Biblia Takatifu

Soma Biblia katika lugha ya Kiswahili, Maandiko matakatifu ya Mungu agano jipya na agano la kale.

Old Testament (Agano La Kale)

New Testament (Agano Jipya)

History of Swahili Bible Tranlation

Biblia (Swahili Bible)

The Swahili Bible, also referred to as "Biblia Takatifu," draws its name from the Latin term "Biblia," meaning "Book or Books," which in turn originates from the Greek phrase "Ta Biblia," signifying "the books." This name underscores its deep connection with the longstanding tradition of sacred scriptures across various languages and cultures.

The translation of the Bible into Swahili, the most widely spoken language in East Africa began in the 18th century with the arrival of Christian missionaries in the region. Among these dedicated missionaries, Johann Ludwig Krapf, a German Lutheran missionary, emerged as a prominent figure in the 19th century. Krapf, with his linguistic prowess and unwavering commitment, played a pivotal role in laying the foundation for the translation of the Bible into Swahili. His efforts in the 1840s marked a crucial starting point for this monumental task.

In 1868, the first tangible progress was made when portions of the Bible were successfully translated into Swahili. Subsequently, the translation project continued to gain momentum, and in 1879, the New Testament was completed in Swahili, making the teachings and stories of the Christian faith more accessible to Swahili-speaking communities.

Bishop Edward Steere, another notable contributor to the Swahili Bible translation, played a significant role in this ongoing mission. Steere, an Anglican bishop, was instrumental in advancing the translation of the Bible into Swahili. His dedication and linguistic expertise were vital in ensuring the accuracy and clarity of the Swahili Bible, particularly the New Testament.

Finally, in 1890, the entire Bible was translated into Swahili, marking a historic achievement in the propagation of Christian teachings in the region.

Swahili Bible Translations

  • Biblia Takatifu

    The most widely recognized and commonly used translation of the Bible in Swahili. Published by the Bible Society of Tanzania in 1950.

  • Biblia Habari Njema

    Which translates to "Good News Bible" in English provides a clear and contemporary rendering of the Scriptures in Swahili. Published by the Bible Society of Kenya.

  • Neno: Bibilia Takatifu

    Published by Biblica, this translation aims to use simple and modern Swahili language for easy comprehension. Includes both the Old and New Testaments.

  • Biblia Interconfessional

    A collaborative translation by Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran scholars, providing a common Swahili Bible text for use among these Christian denominations.