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Sifa, means praise. Sifa Lyrics is the #1 Christian Music Lyrics website for praise and worship songs . The word Sifa originates from Swahili(The Most spoken Language in East & Central Africa) to mean"attribute" or"praise".

In Psalms 22:3, the Bible says "God inhabits in the praises of His people". We aim to let God dwell in you by availing the best Praise and Worship, Hymns and other contemporary Gospel songs through which You can have fellowship with God.

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ZionLyrics have been inspired by a number of songs such as: To Zion by Lauren Hill a tribute to her son Zion Marley. Another song is "We are matching to zion lyrics" hymn written by Isaac Watts sang by Jimm Hill, Ambassadors of Christ, The celebration choir just to name a few. Another common song is Mount Zion Song Lyrics by Jonathan Helser and Cageless Birds. You will also get King of Zion by Joe Mettle among other artists. Most likely you have come across Iron Lion Zion by Bob Marley which has topped in charts as the best reggae for decades. We aim to bring Gospel Reggae into the Jamaican culture, by promoting Rastafari to Christafari movement because Christ is the Lion of Judah.

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