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Data Collection

We do collect information for the purposes of serving you better. Primarily we keep Contact details provided during Signing up, emails in comments, and service subscriptions.

Data Storage (Protection)

Sifa Lyrics assures that the manner in which your data is transmitted to us is safe from unauthorised access by other parties. This we have enforced by using valid SSL certificates. We also use trusted servers to host our website.

Data Usage

The information will only be used to contact you based on your subscriptions and preferences selected during your registration to sifalyrics. You can also set preferences or opt out from receiving our emails by clicking on the opt option in mails sent to you. Additionally we log and aggregate viewed pages to come up with the most viewed songs lyrics. We strictly do not share Your data with any third party.

Cache and Cookie Policy

Sifa Lyrics may cache static data in your browser to ensure faster loading in the proceeding visits. We may run third party affiliate and advert marketing to finance the operations of this website. Third parties store cookies (tiny file[up to 4kb] stored for a specified number of days in your browser) cookies provide a way for the website to recognize you and keep track of your preferences) to ensure they serve personalized ads and suggestions for you. Note that you can turn off cookies in your browser settings or edit your ad preferences with the third parties we may choose to work with. You can prevent signals tracking by setting Do Not track (DNT) mechanism.

Third Party

By submitting and viewing lyrics in this site, You agree to Google privacy Policy as videos in this site are YouTube Videos. Read there privacy policy here Google Privacy Policy.
Sifa Lyrics may provide external links to Music Stores (itunes or amazon) for songs. Third parties also provide links to other websites and commercial stores. We do not endorse clicking, can not guarantee authenticity and thus are not legally liable for damage resulting from the external links.

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For further clarification of our privacy policy or any further questions, you can reach us through info[@]sifalyrics.com