God You Are So Good God You Are So Good - Passion - Kristian Stanfill - Melodie Malone

Way Maker Way Maker - Passion - Kristian Stanfill - Kari Jobe - Cody Carnes

Breakthrough Miracle Power Breakthrough Miracle Power - Passion - Kristian Stanfill

Whole Heart Whole Heart - Passion

Bigger Than I Thought Bigger Than I Thought - Passion

Holy Ground - Show Us Your Glory Holy Ground - Show Us Your Glory - Passion

God's Great Dance Floor God's Great Dance Floor - Passion

I Raise A Hallelujah I Raise A Hallelujah - Passion

My Beloved My Beloved - Passion - Crowder

Build My Life Build My Life - Passion

You Are The Lord You Are The Lord - Passion - Brett Younker - Maverick City Music

Welcome The Healer Welcome The Healer - Passion

The Saving One The Saving One - Passion

Worthy Of Your Name Worthy Of Your Name - Passion

How Great is Your Love How Great is Your Love - Passion

How He Loves How He Loves - Passion - Crowder

Follow You Anywhere Follow You Anywhere - Passion

Praise Him Praise Him - Passion

Fade Away Fade Away - Passion

Step into The Light Step into The Light - Passion

Even So Come Even So Come - Passion

Hundred Miles Hundred Miles - Passion

Behold The Lamb Behold The Lamb - Passion

Let it Be Jesus Let it Be Jesus - Passion

Glorious Day Glorious Day - Passion - Kristian Stanfill

More To Come More To Come - Passion

There’s Nothing That Our God Can’t Do There’s Nothing That Our God Can’t Do - Passion

King Of Glory King Of Glory - Passion

The Lord Our God The Lord Our God - Passion - Kristian Stanfill

My Heart is Yours My Heart is Yours - Passion

Way Maker Way Maker - Passion

It is Finished It is Finished - Passion

All Praise All Praise - Passion

All My Hope All My Hope - Passion - Crowder - Tauren Wells

I'm Leaning On You I'm Leaning On You - Passion

No One But You No One But You - Passion

Holy is The Lord Holy is The Lord - Passion

One Thing Remains One Thing Remains - Passion

My Victory My Victory - Passion

God And God Alone God And God Alone - Passion

How Great Is Our God How Great Is Our God - Passion - Chris Tomlin

 God, You're So Good God, You're So Good - Passion

This We Know This We Know - Passion - Kristian Stanfill

Crushing Snakes Crushing Snakes - Crowder - Passion

The King Has Come The King Has Come - Passion - Kristian Stanfill

Hope Has A Name Hope Has A Name - Passion - Kristian Stanfill

More Like Jesus More Like Jesus - Passion - Kristian Stanfill

Hush Hush - Passion

Highest Hallelujah Highest Hallelujah - Passion

Grace of God With Us Grace of God With Us - Passion

Good God Almighty Good God Almighty - Passion - Crowder - Maverick City Music

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Music Maverick City started with a dream to make space for folk that would otherwise live in their own separate worlds. To break the unspoken rules that exist in the CCM and Gospel World! But I think more importantly to be a mega phone for a community of creatives that have been pushed to the margins of the industry of Church Music. What brings us together, and that sound that is vivaciously smacking you in the face the first time you hit play on on a Maverick track. Isn’t the sound of a community that centered around their deprivation, it’s the audacious sound of true belonging: The beautiful harmony of long lost family. Family Maybe now more than ever not just the Church but the world needs a plurality of strong diverse voices carrying messages that can help reshape the world. However we didn’t start out to be a diverse community for the sake of diversity. We simply became aware of our deep need for people that were so absent from our lives that their silence was deafening. Our response was to create space for that which we had so profoundly became of aware of. Our need for each other.

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