Passion - Step into The Light Lyrics

Step into The Light Lyrics

I’m seeing now with new eyes 
For the first time, for the first time 
Deliverance is calling, it sounds like singing 
For the first time 
Oh sweet redemption, the heart of heaven 
It’s setting all things right, it’s setting all things right 
Oh sweet redemption, Oh how it beckons 
It whispers to the night 
Step into the light 
Step into the light 
The darkness can’t survive
The fire in His eyes 
So step into the light 
Step into the light 
You were never meant to hide 
You were made to be alive 
Step into the light 
My shame it won’t enslave me, it doesn’t own me 
For the first time 
I finally found my healing, it feels like breathing 
For the first time 
Out of the shadows 
It’s time to let go 
Let freedom take hold 
Come alive 
Come taste the morning 
The Father’s calling 
Don’t waste a minute 
Come alive 

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