Passion - Bigger Than I Thought Lyrics

Bigger Than I Thought Lyrics

Speak to me
When the silence steals my voice
You understand me
You understand me
Come to me
In the valley of unknowns
You understand me
You understand me

You understand me, God
You understand me

So I throw all my cares before You
My doubts and fears don’t scare You
You’re bigger than I thought You were
You’re bigger than I thought
So I stop all negotiations
With the God of all creation
You’re bigger than I thought You were
You’re bigger than I thought You were

I believe
But help my unbelief
You understand me
You understand me
Help me reach
The faith that’s underneath
You understand me
You understand me

I will rest
In the Father’s hands
Leave the rest
In the Father’s hands

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Bigger Than I Thought Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

Bigger Than I Thought: A Journey of Surrender and Faith


Passion, a Christian worship band, released the song "Bigger Than I Thought" as part of their album "Follow You Anywhere." The song, written by Sean Curran, carries a powerful message of surrender, faith, and the greatness of God.

I. The Cry for Understanding and Help:

The opening lines of the song set the tone for the journey it takes us on. "Speak to me, when the silence steals my voice, you understand me, you understand me." These words express a cry for understanding and help from God. The songwriter acknowledges that sometimes the silence of God can make it difficult to find our own voice, but he finds solace knowing that God understands him.

The following lines continue this cry for understanding, "Come to me, in the valley of unknowns, you understand me, you understand me." It speaks of finding God's presence even in the midst of uncertainty and challenges. It is a recognition that God comprehends our struggles and is willing to meet us where we are.

II. The Revelation of God's Greatness:

The chorus of the song proclaims the revelation of God's greatness, "You're bigger than I thought you were, so I throw all my cares before you." This line highlights the realization that God is far greater than we can comprehend. It reminds us that we can trust Him with our worries and fears because His greatness surpasses them all.

The next line reinforces this idea, "My doubts and fears don't scare you." It challenges the notion that our doubts and fears are too big for God. Instead, it affirms that He is capable of handling them and providing the peace we need.

III. Surrendering to the Father's Hands:

The bridge of the song emphasizes the act of surrendering to God. "So I stop all negotiations with the God of all creation, you're bigger than I thought you were." It speaks of letting go of our attempts to control and manipulate situations, recognizing that God is the creator of all things and has a better plan for our lives.

The subsequent lines further emphasize this surrender, "I will rest in the Father's hands, leave the rest in the Father's hands." It encourages us to find rest in God and trust Him with the outcome of our circumstances. It is a reminder that surrendering to God leads to true freedom and peace.

Meaning and Inspiration:

The song "Bigger Than I Thought" carries a profound meaning for believers. It reminds us of God's greatness and our need to surrender to Him in every aspect of our lives. It challenges us to let go of our doubts, fears, and attempts to control, and instead, trust in His unlimited power and wisdom.

The inspiration for the song can be traced back to the story found in Mark 9:14-29. In this passage, a father brings his son, who is possessed by an evil spirit, to Jesus for healing. The father, filled with doubt and desperation, cries out to Jesus, "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief" (Mark 9:24). This cry for help and surrender resonates with the theme of the song.

Analyzing the Song's Biblical Basis:

The song "Bigger Than I Thought" aligns with several biblical principles and teachings. Let's analyze its biblical basis:

1. God's Understanding: The songwriter acknowledges that God understands him in the midst of his struggles. The Bible assures us that God knows us intimately and understands our thoughts and emotions (Psalm 139:1-4). He is a compassionate God who empathizes with our weaknesses (Hebrews 4:15).

2. Trusting God with Our Cares: The song encourages us to throw all our cares before God because He is bigger than our worries and fears. This aligns with the biblical teaching found in 1 Peter 5:7, which says, "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." God invites us to trust Him with our burdens and find rest in Him (Matthew 11:28-30).

3. Surrender and Freedom: The bridge of the song emphasizes surrendering to the God of all creation and finding rest in His hands. This echoes the biblical principle of surrendering our lives to God, which leads to true freedom (Romans 6:22, Galatians 5:1). Surrendering to God's will allows Him to work in and through us for His purposes (Romans 12:1-2).

4. Overcoming Doubt and Unbelief: The line, "I believe, but help my unbelief," reflects the struggle of the father in the biblical story of Mark 9. Jesus does not reject the father for his honesty but helps him overcome his doubts. This mirrors Jesus' response to Thomas in John 20:27, "Stop doubting and believe."


"Bigger Than I Thought" by Passion is a powerful worship song that takes listeners on a journey of surrender, faith, and the greatness of God. It encourages believers to trust in God's understanding, surrender their cares to Him, and find freedom in His hands. The song aligns with biblical principles and teachings, reminding us of the need for surrender, trust, and overcoming doubt through God's help. May this song serve as a reminder of God's greatness and an invitation to surrender our lives to Him.

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