Krystaal is an award winning, multi-talented group of three brothers who excel in various genres of music Praise & Worship, Gospel, Urban and World (African). They are characterized by their tight vocal harmonies and an ability to fit any audience. They are based in Canada but are originally from Africa (Congo)

It is their love for giving back that makes multifaceted World Music group, Krystaal, so unique and beloved. Comprised of three brothers, Michel, Fabian, and Aliston Lwambas, the group uniquely combines R&B, Pop, Gospel, Urban and World-African music to appeal to a wide array of audiences.


Their message is simple – one of peace and reconciliation; all of which is derived from a life riddled with its own trials. Their music is layered with messages of resilience and restoration, and has a strong patriotic allegiance laced with odes to their homeland, Africa. 


The Lwamba’s lives are intrinsic and echo something out of the movies, bevelled with ups and downs, sorrow and triumphs. Providing a backdrop for a literary offering titled, Keep on Standing, a moving and intense epic about their life story. The book is graphic in nature, even highlighting the political climate of the Democratic Republic of Congo under the dictatorship of then-elected President Mobutu, who by force became leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo, later launching a killing spree to eliminate leading politicians and their families, of whom the Lwambas was one. Given a birds-eye view into the intricacies of their lives, the reader learns how the Lwamba brothers survived death squads that murdered hundreds of university students as they slept in their dorms. Keep on Standing chronicles how death squads slaughtered most of their family and depicts members of the Congo military seeking them even as they struggled to survive Kenyan refugee camps.


Akin to hardship, Krystaal knows first-hand the meaning of struggle. Providing them with a spring board and term of reference for their latest initiative, “In the Name of Love,” Save a Child in Haiti! “We see serene faces of people who have come through unspeakable horrors and yet exude unmistakable beauty of soul and spirit!” says Fabian. They are inspirational examples of how we can choose life and love despite life’s most dire or physical circumstances.


Krystaal, the award winning R&B/Gospel group teams up with World Vision Canada to release “In the Name of Love,” produced by James Bryan (Nelly Furtado, Divine Brown, Philosopher Kings). When you download this song, proceeds raised will provide much needed assistance to those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.


The brothers Michel, Fabian and Aliston Lwamba formed the group Krystaal after being separated for over five years during a time of political unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since being reunited in Canada they have produce music that brings people together, showing the importance of loving each other and the power of unity.


World Vision Canada has been in Haiti for over 30 years, on the ground daily, continuing to provide care and support to the people there.


Keep hope alive and show the people of Haiti that they are not forgotten. Download “In the Name of Love,” on iTunes today

Unastahili Kuabudiwa Unastahili Kuabudiwa - Krystaal Music

It Shall Be Permanent It Shall Be Permanent - Krystaal Music

Niguse Tena Niguse Tena - Krystaal Music

Wastahili Wewe Bwana Wastahili Wewe Bwana - Krystaal Music

Sifuni Sifuni - Krystaal Music

Emmanuel Emmanuel - Krystaal Music

Hakuna Hakuna - Krystaal Music

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