Kevin Dwayne Downswell is a son of Westmoreland, in Western Jamaica and has a very unique story that takes his journey across four parishes on the small island.

He grew up in a town called Smithfield and attended Unity and Ferris primary schools in Savanna-la-mar, before moving to Hellshire Park in St. Catherine where he attended the Port Henderson Primary School. Amidst the many challenges he faced as a child, especially financially, he was always at the top of his class in school.

A well- mannered young lad, Kevin would walk diligently for two miles to school each day and 2 miles back to a community with no electricity. This did not phase him, as he would crouch under the faint light of a kerosene oil lamp to ensure that his home work was complete and to be ready for exams. He spent a short time with his father Patrick, but most of his childhood was with his mother Miriam. They both did what they could to provide a solid foundation for him.

While trying to transition into adolescent years, he attended the Melrose Primary and Junior High. As excellent a student he was, because of financial constraints, Kevin wasn't able to sit the Common Entrance Exam to enter high school, so he had to move to the next grade and patiently wait for better days.

Better days did come as he received the chance to sit the technical entrance exam and passed for Jose Marti Technical in 1993. He later graduated from Jose Marti with 6 CXC's and went on to do Upper Sixth Form at Camperdown High School in Kingston.

Kevin’s gift of music did not surface until he was about 13 years old, when family members and friends over-heard him singing on his downtime. Some were amazed and were not aware of how great his vocals were. To be honest, not even kevin knew he was a good singer. He would sing in church as The Praise and Worship Leader and Choir Director, school and small functions, but it wasn’t until 2003 that he emerged as a rising gospel artiste when he entered and won the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s (JCDC) Gospel Song Competition. His journey in ministry was now fully activated.

In 2005, Kevin was ordained to the office of an evangelist, the same year he graduated from the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry. His hopes of becoming a medical doctor would now, however, come to a halt as he stepped into full-time ministry. This was not an easy decision, but Kevin felt God’s calling, and with confirmation and guidance from strong mentors, he stepped out by faith on a journey that would change his life and the lives of many others. He knew God’s unmistakable voice, for this was the same voice that had given him direction throughout his childhood years when he needed it the most. 

Now an ordained evangelist, author, motivational speaker, international recording artiste and JN Group's Brand Ambassador, Kevin is at the helm of Kevin Downswell Ministries where he is leading with much success.

In 2005, he had his first major hit "Naah Bow", on which he collaborated with DJ Nicholas and Jermaine Edwards. The song won the 2006 Marlin Awards for Best Reggae Recording of the Year and has become an anthem to youths across the Caribbean. Later that year, he was one of a few Jamaican artistes chosen to be a part of an international compilation album produced by Tennyson Walters of Our Father’s Music Business, located in New Jersey in the U.S. This album became the first reggae album to top the New York and Florida charts simultaneously in 2006. A major feat for Kevin, as his two contributions to this album namely: Evildoers (Fret Not) and Since the World Didn’t Love Me was being played across the world in various territories such as Japan, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. In that same year he had his first international tour in Canada. God was gradually enlarging his borders. 

In 2008 he released his first studio album Close to You, dubbed ‘one of the most successful debut projects’ by a Jamaican gospel artiste. He made the charts that same year with his title track "Close to You". The album quickly gained steam worldwide, hitting the top spots on charts in the US, UK and Canada.

Four years later he released his sophomore album The Search Continues, which catapulted his ministry and presence on the local and international gospel scene. The hit single "You make me Stronger" has become an anthem for gospel enthusiasts and fans all over.

Downswell has earned many accolades for his work in gospel music industry including the award for Male Artiste of the year by the New York-based Love Gospel International Awards; Youth View Award for Favorite Gospel Artiste in Jamaica for two consecutive years; Star Award for Gospel Artiste of year and Love 101 FM Engage Alien Award for Artiste of the Year. 

Other achievements include The Top Gospel Artiste in Jamaica for the last five years by the Youth Views Awards (now Your Views Awards), nominations for the Marlin Award; Atlanta Gospel Music Awards; Paramount Gospel Music Award for Best Male Vocalist; E.M.E Award; The International Reggae & World Music Award (IRAWMA) for 2017 & 2018, Sterling Awards,  among others. Downswell has been privileged to share the stage with some of gospels greatest including pastor Donnie McClurkin, Israel Houghton, Kirk Franklin, Byron Cage, Tye Tribbett and Michael W. Smith and many others. His songs are played in  numerous countries such as The US, Canada, across the Caribbean, South America, Europe, including the UK, Japan and parts of Africa including Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

In July 2015, Downswell released his first book The Search Continues...The Journey. This book is currently available worldwide. His third studio album entitled All The Way was released in June 2016 in Kingston, Jamaica and promoted through a six-parish tour, which attracted thousands of patrons. It boasts tracks such as "Goodbye World", "All The Way" and many others that are being enjoyed by thousands worldwide. 

in 2017, The Kevin Downswell Ministries embarked on the Realignment Project that focuses on Children across Jamaica who have been abused and neglected, and also rallying communities to join together to assist in building up their own. Since 2017, His Ministry has impacted over 120 kids who have been in state care, providing them with solid and consistent mentorship, spiritual support, clothing and food. Each year, three major concerts are held across Jamaica to help with this cause and in 2018, International Guests Jonathan Nelson and Ashaela Shanae from the US were brought in from the US as headliners for these events.

Realignment-The Live encounter, his fourth project and first live recording, sprung from these events, and was released on June 15, 2018. There are current plans for a global Tour for The US, Canada, The UK, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean for 2018-2019 for this new project. 

Kevin is supported in ministry by his lovely wife Marsha Downswell. Amidst all these achievements, he is one of the most humble and personable individual you will ever meet. He is a man after God's own heart, who  deflects any and all praises and accolades to God. 

If It's Not You Then Lord It's Nothing If It's Not You Then Lord It's Nothing - Kevin Downswell

Close To You Close To You - Kevin Downswell

Carry Me Carry Me - Kevin Downswell

Not Afraid Not Afraid - Kevin Downswell - Rondell Positive

You Make Me Stronger You Make Me Stronger - Kevin Downswell

Lights Lights - Kevin Downswell

God is Moving God is Moving - Kevin Downswell

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