In the year 1991, Igho Lewis Yegbeburu came in contact with the ministry of Benny Hinn and suddenly became passionate to know the personality of the Holy Spirit. As he began to spend quality private time in fellowship with the Holy Spirit he began to receive the inspiration for new songs which he felt led to compile and before long the collection was over 60 songs. It was then it dawned on him that these songs were actually meant to improve the worship of the body of Christ. After seeking the face of the Lord for some months an outstanding confirmation came from Andrew Esemudje who kept urging him that they need to start something to sustain the kind of worship they just experienced in the New year eve service into the year 1994. After getting this confirmation, Igho spent the next 6 months praying about the vision, mission, focus, goals, modus operandi, and the first 11 people to carry on the work with him to fulfil this vision.


On Wednesday June 15th 1994, the first meeting of the Glorious Fountain Ministries was held at Avenue Baptist Church, Warri as an autonomous interdenominational group. The group spent most of her early days together in prayers, singing and fellowshipping with the Lord as they try to understand the vision of the work. Within the space of one year they received recognition from churches and other groups and were able to come up with their debut album “BREAK THE CHAINS OF DARKNESS” which was a collection of twelve songs written by Igho L.Yegbeburu. By this time, the collections of songs were now over a hundred (100). By the leading of the Lord, they started organizing gospel musical concerts and it became very impactful as souls were saved, healed and delivered to confirm the presence of the Lord in the work.


In the year 1997, they went back to the studio to produce their second album “THE GLORY” which was a collection of songs. Andrew Esemudje wrote two of the songs while Igho.L.Y. wrote the others. The album was an improvement on their previous work which was put together by a bunch of amateurs. While they were trying to put finishing touch to the second album, Igho .L.Y went to the seminary to resume classes as a music major. During this period, the group experienced a number of challenges which were serious tests of the vision but the Lord saw them through as He gave them the leading to continue the work. By the time Igho returned from the seminary, June 2001, it was a different challenge. He had to deal with balancing his role as the minister of music, counselling and discipleship at Avenue Baptist church and President of the GF. In addition to this, a good number of the group members were undergoing serious transitions as some were dealing with issues of studies at the university, jobs that took some out of town and marriage. More people were brought into the group and the Lord also gave the leading to start what they tagged SCHOOL OF WORSHIP and NIGHT OF WORSHIP (SOW-NOW) and it opened a new door of ministry for the work as they started visiting Universities and churches to hold seminars about worship which was made alive with practice sessions. The impact was very encouraging though the whole thing required a lot of attention and commitment. Some members of the group, over the years, relocated to other cities due to different pursuits of life but the work continued.


In December 2005, he resigned from his church position with the intention to travel to the U.S for his post graduate studies but on December 1st 2005 he had a visitation from the Lord about 4:00am in which the Lord made him realize that He has an unfinished task here in Nigeria. He returned home to seek the face of the Lord but it was not until 0ctober 2006 while he was on a personal retreat in Page Hotel Tema, Ghana that he got the understanding that he is to dedicate his life to the promoting of the worship through The GLORIOUS FOUNTAIN MINISTRIES’ work at all cost.


Upon his return to Nigeria he mobilized the members of the group to put together their first ever worship conference tagged; HIS AWESOME GLORY AND PRESENCE. The programme held for three days featuring a seminar session (The School of Worship) and a practical live worship session (Night of Worship). The conference was a success but the stress encountered made obvious that they are in serious need of their own music, sound and video equipments and at least an administrative building. With one accord the group came together believing that God can use just one man to make this difference as a vision helper and before the year was over the prayer was answered. Rev Igho .L.Y in the process of helping a church fix her music ministry for three months (for free), came in contact with the “ONE” God has prepared as the answer. He saw the passion and gift of God in the leader and the other members of the group.


After his personal research into the nature and activities of the group he found out that it was just what he had been passionate about. He then asked to know if we can work together to bring God’s glory and from that moment on things where never the same again. He became the executive producer of the group and his love and passion for the Lord moved him to help the group acquire sophisticated musical, sound and light equipments. This was January of 2008 and by May he also helped the group with a bungalow for her rehearsals and office activities. Before the year was over, he acquired some hectares of land in a prime area of the twin cities of Warri and Effurun with a hall 250 feet long that can seat over 1500 people and a big enough space for car park and an overflow. This facility has been developed into a standard concert hall which presently serves as the venue for the various programmes of the Ministry and her administrative headquarter. The audio and video studios of the ministry which are close to completion should be in full use before the end of 2011. The number of people working in the various units has since increased to over 150 work force which consist of full time staff, casual staff and an army of volunteers. The impact of the work has since then assumed a new proportion with outstanding testimonies of healing, deliverance and salvation recorded during her various worship encounters.


Some of the programmes of the ministry includes; THE PASSION AND THE GLORY (every Easter), THE YOUTH ABLAZE CONFERENCE (the major YOUTH ABLAZE programme in addition to the monthly programme for teens and youths), WORSHIP CONFERENCE (every August/ September featuring School of Worship and Night of Worship), MOMENT OF GLORY (every September/ October) and THE ENCOUNTER (the major annual event of the ministry. It holds every December). Glorious Fountain Ministry enjoys the grace of God in immeasurable proportion that is very uncommon. Presently the recordings from her various programmes provide a much sought after content for reputable broadcasting outfits with global coverage via the internet and satellite TV. Due to such coverage, the ministry has been receiving reports, testimonies and inquiry from different countries of the world as they try to hidentify with the work. In her 16 years of existence, so much has been accomplished to the glory of God and by the grace of God a GREATER GLORY lies ahead.

Way Maker Way Maker - Rev. Igho & The GF Choir - Travis Greene

Jehovah Mo Jehovah Mo - Rev. Igho & The GF Choir

I Will Trust In You / Hallelujah To The King I Will Trust In You / Hallelujah To The King - Rev. Igho & The GF Choir

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