Heritage Singers are an American gospel group founded by Max 0Mace and his wife Lucy, with their two children, Val and Greg. Based near Placerville, California, the group has traveled to over 65 countries, performed over 7,000 concerts, produced 200 television programs, and recorded over 100 albums. In 2014 the Loma Linda Broadcasting Network began re-playing their 30-minute shows three times each week with the new title of Heritage Singers Classics.


After four years of performing with a patriotic/folk singing group to promote Portland-based United Medical Laboratories named Rose City Singers, the Maces decided to resign and form a Christian group in 1971. Jerry Leiske named the group based on Bible scripture equating saints with God's "Heritage ... objects of His special care."The first year, they released two albums (Come Along with the Heritage Singers and Hymns We Remember), and performed their first public concert in June. Early accompanists included Bob Silverman on piano and Pete McLeod and Jeff Wood on guitars. In 1974 the Heritage Singers collaborated with Ron Huff, who arranged their first albums with full orchestration.As their popularity grew (along with a television series, Heritage Singers Presents), they formed a second group in September 1974, dubbed Heritage II, (subsequently named New Creation) to perform mostly at cities located in the eastern half of the United States; and a third group, Heritage Singers en Espanol, which tours South America singing Spanish versions of the group's signature songs. More than 250 people (including Chris Willis) have performed as members of Heritage Singers; however, the Mace family has remained at its core. As for the religious affiliation of its members, Max Mace has stated that while a majority of them are Seventh-day Adventists, that's not in itself a requirement. "They have to be a born-again Christian and receptive to the Adventist message."


Celebratory reunion concerts have been held in 1979 (Swing Auditorium), 1986 (Anaheim Convention Center), 2001 (Ontario Convention Center), and 2005 (Crystal Cathedral). A final 45th anniversary reunion was held at the Citizens Business Bank Arena on July 30, 2016 with 126 singers on stage.


Studio albums

Live albums


Recent members

Typically 7 to 10 singers perform at each concert, and the line-up varies depending on the location and availability.Denar Almonte
Ted Atwood
Dave Bell
Rob Burkey
Tim Calhoun
Marcelo Constanzo
Melody Davis
Tim Davis
Kevin Dumitru
Garth Gabriel
Cindy Haffner
Lisa Jensen
Shani Judd Diehl
John Lomacang
Adriane Mace
Amber Mace
Max Mace
Val Mace Mapa
Chloe Mallory
Darrell Marshall
Jaclyn Pruehs
Shastin Rains
Scott Reed
Frank John Salas
Becki Trueblood Craig
Miguel VerazasBand
The recording musicians vary on each CD, and the band usually does not perform at concerts except for special occasions.Gary Hemenway - keyboards
Art Mapa – guitars
Austin Mapa – drums
Art Munar – keyboards
Nino Ocampo – bass
Dani Stromback – keyboards
Joel Umali – keyboardsTechnicalTim Davis – vocal arranger and producer
Greg Mace – sound engineer
Lucy Mace - tour manager
Max Mace – director
Art Mapa – arranger, producer, programmer Source:

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Me and My House Me and My House - Heritage Singers

He Touched Me He Touched Me - Heritage Singers

Redeemer Redeemer - Heritage Singers

Side By Side Side By Side - Heritage Singers

Jesus Makes Everything Good Jesus Makes Everything Good - Heritage Singers

God's Wonderful People God's Wonderful People - Heritage Singers

Because of Love Because of Love - Heritage Singers

We Are All HIs Children We Are All HIs Children - Heritage Singers

Maranatha! Maranatha! - Heritage Singers

I Surrender All I Surrender All - Heritage Singers

Just a Little More Time Just a Little More Time - Heritage Singers

There Is A River There Is A River - Heritage Singers

Alone In His Presence Alone In His Presence - Heritage Singers

One Fine Day One Fine Day - Heritage Singers

Heaven's Mountain Band Heaven's Mountain Band - Heritage Singers

Adonai Adonai - Heritage Singers

A Song Was Born A Song Was Born - Heritage Singers

I Tremble I Tremble - Heritage Singers

Heaven is for Kids Heaven is for Kids - Heritage Singers

Thank You For Your Love Thank You For Your Love - Heritage Singers

I Will Glory In The Cross I Will Glory In The Cross - Heritage Singers

Without Him Without Him - Heritage Singers

The King Is Coming The King Is Coming - Heritage Singers

Be Strong Be Strong - Heritage Singers

He Is Able He Is Able - Heritage Singers

Yes I Am Yes I Am - Heritage Singers

I Am Willing Lord I Am Willing Lord - Heritage Singers

I Can Only Imagine I Can Only Imagine - Heritage Singers

I Touched His Garment I Touched His Garment - Heritage Singers

Mi Corazon Mi Corazon - Heritage Singers

Peacespeaker Peacespeaker - Heritage Singers

At The Cross At The Cross - Heritage Singers

Because I'm Forgiven Because I'm Forgiven - Heritage Singers

One More Song for You One More Song for You - Heritage Singers

Live for Jesus Live for Jesus - Heritage Singers

I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy - Heritage Singers

Your Grace Your Grace - Heritage Singers

Mansion Over The Hilltop Mansion Over The Hilltop - Heritage Singers

God Will Take Care of You God Will Take Care of You - Heritage Singers

Break Me Lord Break Me Lord - Heritage Singers

Tears Are a Language Tears Are a Language - Heritage Singers

No More Night No More Night - Heritage Singers

His Strength Is Perfect His Strength Is Perfect - Heritage Singers

Somebody Sing Me a Gospel Song Somebody Sing Me a Gospel Song - Heritage Singers

I'm Gonna Get Up I'm Gonna Get Up - Heritage Singers

What God Can Do What God Can Do - Heritage Singers

So Amazing So Amazing - Heritage Singers

Jesus Is All I Need Jesus Is All I Need - Heritage Singers

Hide Thou Me Hide Thou Me - Heritage Singers

Go Go - Heritage Singers

Breathe On Me Breathe On Me - Heritage Singers

When Sparrows Fall When Sparrows Fall - Heritage Singers

Renew Me Renew Me - Heritage Singers

Bryan's Hymn (When I Turn To You) Bryan's Hymn (When I Turn To You) - Heritage Singers

Do You Remember The Time Do You Remember The Time - Heritage Singers

Song of Glory Song of Glory - Heritage Singers

Special Delivery Special Delivery - Heritage Singers

My Lord and I My Lord and I - Heritage Singers

Through The Fire Through The Fire - Heritage Singers

Forgive Me Forgive Me - Heritage Singers

Whatever It Takes Whatever It Takes - Heritage Singers

Surely The Presence Surely The Presence - Heritage Singers

Can You Reach My Friend Can You Reach My Friend - Heritage Singers

What a Day That Will Be What a Day That Will Be - Heritage Singers

Come Along With Me Come Along With Me - Heritage Singers

You Saved Me You Saved Me - Heritage Singers

Farther Along Farther Along - Heritage Singers

Little Flowers Little Flowers - Heritage Singers

We Are The Reason We Are The Reason - Heritage Singers

Because He Lives Because He Lives - Heritage Singers

Give It Away Give It Away - Heritage Singers

He Still Speaks He Still Speaks - Heritage Singers

Pass Me Not Pass Me Not - Heritage Singers

Does Jesus Care Does Jesus Care - Heritage Singers

A Quiet Place A Quiet Place - Heritage Singers

Total Praise Total Praise - Heritage Singers

One Day At A Time One Day At A Time - Heritage Singers

I Got Jesus Right Here in My Heart I Got Jesus Right Here in My Heart - Heritage Singers

I Am Not Ashamed I Am Not Ashamed - Heritage Singers

Learning To Lean On Jesus Learning To Lean On Jesus - Heritage Singers

I Need A Miracle I Need A Miracle - Heritage Singers

Come Holy Spirit Come Holy Spirit - Heritage Singers

It Is Finished It Is Finished - Heritage Singers

Jesus Will Still Be There Jesus Will Still Be There - Heritage Singers

Hosanna Hosanna - Heritage Singers

I Give You Worship I Give You Worship - Heritage Singers

Holy Ground Holy Ground - Heritage Singers

I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary - Heritage Singers

You Gave Me Love You Gave Me Love - Heritage Singers

Strike Up The Band Strike Up The Band - Heritage Singers

Plenty of Room in the Family Plenty of Room in the Family - Heritage Singers

Where Could I Go But To The Lord Where Could I Go But To The Lord - Heritage Singers

Child Forgiven Child Forgiven - Heritage Singers

Sinner Saved By Grace Sinner Saved By Grace - Heritage Singers

Moment of Mercy Moment of Mercy - Heritage Singers

Beulah Land Beulah Land - Heritage Singers

We Are the Band, But He Is the Music We Are the Band, But He Is the Music - Heritage Singers

Set Me On The Rock Set Me On The Rock - Heritage Singers

There's Always A Place At The Table There's Always A Place At The Table - Heritage Singers

I Am Not Alone I Am Not Alone - Heritage Singers

Loving God, Loving Each Other Loving God, Loving Each Other - Heritage Singers

The Word Is Mercy The Word Is Mercy - Heritage Singers

My God's Really A Big God My God's Really A Big God - Heritage Singers

Holy Spirit Come Fill This Place Holy Spirit Come Fill This Place - Heritage Singers

Holy Spirit Rain Down Holy Spirit Rain Down - Heritage Singers

Oh Happy Day - Nothing But The Blood Oh Happy Day - Nothing But The Blood - Heritage Singers

Depend Upon His Love Depend Upon His Love - Heritage Singers

It Is Well With My Soul It Is Well With My Soul - Heritage Singers

In Awe In Awe - Heritage Singers

Grandma's Bible Grandma's Bible - Heritage Singers

Savior Came Savior Came - Heritage Singers

God Keeps A Candle God Keeps A Candle - Heritage Singers

These Are They These Are They - Heritage Singers

When I Get Carried Away When I Get Carried Away - Heritage Singers

Great Is Thy Faithfulness Great Is Thy Faithfulness - Heritage Singers

The Savior Is Waiting The Savior Is Waiting - Heritage Singers

I Give You Praise I Give You Praise - Heritage Singers

Hey Hey - Heritage Singers

It Is No Secret It Is No Secret - Heritage Singers

Ho, Ho, Ho Ho, Ho, Ho - Heritage Singers

Nobody Knows Me Like You Nobody Knows Me Like You - Heritage Singers

When We All Get Together With the Lord When We All Get Together With the Lord - Heritage Singers

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Albums & Songs

  • What a Precious Friend Is He
  • Something Beautiful
  • The Lighthouse
  • Because He Lives
  • How Rich I Am
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  • Gentle Shepherd
  • I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  • Sheltered in the Arms of God
  • The King Is Coming
  • I’ll Be Home for Christmas
  • Sleep Well Little Children
  • (There’s No Place Like) Home for the Holidays
  • Mary, Did You Know?
  • Christmas Time Is Here
  • We Need a Little Christmas
  • Who Would Imagine a King
  • All Is Well
  • Silent Night
  • O Holy Night
  • I'm Forgiven
  • Gotta Get to Jesus
  • In Christ Alone
  • He's Been Faithful
  • Working on a Building
  • More Than Anything
  • Bread Upon the Water
  • That Sounds Like Home to Me
  • Through It All
  • Praise the Lord
  • Medley: Come Along with Me / Gentle Shepherd / Just a Little More Time / I Am Willing Lord (Live)
  • Medley: He Touched Me / There's Just Something About That Name / Sheltered in the Arms of God / Because He Lives (Live)
  • Sometimes It Takes a Mountain (Live)
  • Medley: I Got Jesus Right Here in My Heart / God's Wonderful People / Plenty of Room in the Family / The Family of God (Live)
  • Medley: My Tribute / When the Time Comes / It Takes Everything to Serve the Lord / Little Flowers (Live)
  • Daystar (Live)
  • Medley: I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About to Happen / Let's Just Praise the Lord / Something Beautiful / Through It All (Live)
  • You Gotta Do Right (Live)
  • Medley: Morning Prayer / Part the Waters / Maranatha / Forever Is a Long, Long Time (Live)
  • Medley: Happiness Is the Lord / Amazing Grace / If Heaven Was Never Promised to Me / Never Say Goodbye (Live)
  • Plenty of Room in the Family
  • We Are the Reason
  • Little Flowers
  • I Am Willing Lord
  • Jesus Is the Lighthouse
  • Can You Reach My Friend
  • I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About to Happen
  • Someone Is Praying for You
  • Peacespeaker
  • Side By Side
  • Because He Lives
  • Something Happened to Daddy
  • I Got Jesus Right Here in My Heart
  • More Than Wonderful
  • Come Along With Me
  • Maranatha!
  • God's Wonderful People
  • Me and My House
  • Tears Are a Language
  • The King Is Coming
  • Jesus Is All I Need
  • Come Holy Spirit
  • The Savior Is Waiting
  • The Word Is Mercy
  • Does Jesus Care
  • In Awe
  • Surely the Presence
  • Whatever It Takes
  • Savior Came
  • Without Him
  • Song of Glory
  • I Tremble
  • Give It Away
  • I Am Not Ashamed
  • Oh Happy Day-nothing But the Blood
  • There's Always a Place At the Table
  • I Give You Worship
  • Redeemer
  • Because I'm Forgiven
  • I Will Glory In the Cross
  • Hey
  • What God Can Do
  • Child Forgiven
  • I Need a Miracle
  • God Keeps a Candle
  • Moment of Mercy
  • Strike Up the Band
  • God Will Take Care of You
  • Through the Fire
  • When Sparrows Fall
  • Grandma's Bible
  • I'm Gonna Get Up
  • I Believe In a Hill Called Mount Calvary
  • Holy Ground
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  • These Are They
  • At the Cross
  • He Is Able
  • Set Me On the Rock
  • Pass Me Not
  • Jesus Will Still Be There
  • It Is Finished
  • Because of Love
  • Alone In His Presence
  • Total Praise
  • Be Strong
  • So Amazing
  • Bryan's Hymn (When I Turn to You)
  • Breathe On Me
  • You Saved Me
  • No More Night
  • I Surrender All
  • A Quiet Place
  • Mi Corazon
  • Your Grace
  • Thank You for Your Love
  • I Give You Praise
  • A Song Was Born
  • We Are All HIs Children
  • Depend Upon His Love
  • We Are the Band, But He Is the Music
  • I Am Not Alone
  • Forgive Me
  • Loving God, Loving Each Other
  • It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
  • Yes I Am
  • Hide Thou Me
  • There Is a River
  • Sinner Saved By Grace
  • Somebody Sing Me a Gospel Song
  • Mansion Over the Hilltop
  • Beulah Land
  • Renew Me
  • Holy Spirit Come Fill This Place
  • I Can Only Imagine
  • Adonai
  • One Fine Day
  • Do You Remember the Time
  • Holy Spirit Rain Down
  • His Strength Is Perfect
  • Hosanna
  • Break Me Lord
  • When We All Get Together With the Lord
  • I Touched His Garment
  • My Lord and I
  • Where Could I Go but to the Lord
  • Learning to Lean On Jesus
  • I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy
  • When I Get Carried Away
  • He Still Speaks
  • Farther Along
  • What a Day That Will Be
  • It Is Well With My Soul
  • You Are Holy
  • I Will Never Be
  • I Give You My Heart
  • Shout to the Lord
  • Draw Nigh
  • My Heart Sings Praises
  • Love You so Much
  • Show Me Your Ways
  • Power of Your Love
  • High and Exalted
  • You Are Holy (Reprise)
  • This Old House / When the Saints Go Marching In
  • Ten Thousand Angels Cried
  • I'll Fly Away
  • Going Home
  • Without You, I Haven't Got a Prayer
  • He Washed My Eyes with Tears
  • Will You Love Jesus More
  • Search Me Lord
  • On the Side of Angels
  • Heaven's Bright Shore
  • Healer of Broken Hearts
  • When You Get Alone with My Heart
  • Had It Not Been
  • He Is Our Peace
  • He Is There
  • You Are Lord of Everything
  • You Are Awesome in This Place
  • I Sing Praises to Your Name
  • We Worship You
  • I Need You Lord
  • Undivided Heart
  • In the Presence of Jehovah
  • Does Anybody Here Need Jesus
  • Joy to the World / Angels We Have Heard on High
  • Evening in December
  • The First Noel
  • Merry Christmas with Love
  • A Star Led to Life
  • Silent Night / Away in a Manger / It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
  • Breath of Heaven
  • Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  • Tennessee Christmas
  • Still, Still, Still
  • You Are My Song
  • Hear My Song Lord
  • Grant Me an Open Heart
  • Shadow of Your Wings
  • Come Ye Who Are Weary
  • Praises
  • I Hear Angels
  • Follower of Christ
  • Joy of My Desire
  • Bowing My Heart
  • Peacespeaker
  • His Heart Is Big Enough
  • New Wine
  • How Could You Say No
  • The River
  • The Power of Praise
  • Through His Eyes
  • Temporary Home
  • Blessed Are the Tears
  • When Jesus Comes
  • Make Me Like You
  • Jesus the Savior Divine
  • I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
  • Jesus Is the Sweetest Name I Know
  • He's My Lord
  • Nearer Still Nearer
  • Give Thanks
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Softly and Tenderly
  • What Will You Do for Jesus?
  • Father of All
  • Love of My Life
  • Sail On
  • Lay It All on Him
  • Oh How He Loves You and Me
  • Swing Down Chariot
  • Closer Than a Brother
  • The Rocks Shall Not Cry Out
  • Don't Cry
  • You Can't Take It with You
  • Champion of Love
  • Someone Needs to Tell Them
  • Take the Name of Jesus
  • Daystar
  • 'Til the Storm Passes By
  • Come and Worship
  • It's My Desire
  • I'm Yours, Lord
  • Welcome Back Home
  • Here Comes a Miracle
  • What Is This?
  • Stronger Than the Weight
  • All the World Should Know
  • Faithful
  • Restless Heart
  • Let the Love Flow
  • Stand
  • Gotta Have the Real Thing
  • Bring It to Jesus
  • One More Day
  • Sleigh Ride
  • Kids
  • Jingle Bells
  • Silver Bells
  • White Christmas
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • On This Christmas Night
  • The Christmas Song
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Heirlooms
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  • I Never Knew Love
  • Dying
  • He Came Down to My Level
  • Rain Your Love
  • More Than Wonderful
  • Living Again
  • Can You Reach My Friend
  • Rumor Mill
  • When the Time Comes
  • Never Say Goodbye
  • King of My Life
  • We Have Come into His House
  • Open Our Eyes / In His Time
  • Wonderful, Wonderful One
  • Me and My House
  • Praise Him
  • In This Very Room
  • I Love Praising the Name of the Lord
  • At the Mention of His Name
  • Hallelujah
  • Mighty Jordan Roll
  • One Day at a Time
  • When God Dips His Love in My Heart
  • Stop and Smell the Roses
  • Jesus Loves
  • On the Wings of a Snow White Dove
  • Heaven's Mountain Band
  • Daddy Sang Bass
  • Roots
  • I Would Crawl All the Way to the River
  • I Am Willing, Lord
  • Little Flowers
  • Learning to Live Like a Child of the King
  • If Heaven Never Was Promised to Me
  • God's Gonna Bless His Children
  • Part the Waters
  • When I Say Jesus
  • Thank You, Jesus
  • Clean Before the Lord
  • It Won't Be Long
  • Morning Prayer
  • Plenty of Room in the Family
  • Nearer Still Nearer
  • Praise the Lord, He Never Changes
  • Feeling at Home in the Family
  • What More Could He Do
  • Getting Used to the Family of God
  • I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About to Happen
  • Would You
  • Jesus, We Just Want to Thank You / God Is so Good
  • The Lighthouse
  • Keep Your Hand in the Lord
  • More (Than You'll Ever Know)
  • I Have a Peace in My Heart
  • Old Time Religion Country Style
  • All About Love
  • These Hands of Mine
  • I Know He Loves Me
  • What Color Is a Soul
  • May God Be with You
  • Tears Are a Language
  • Growin' in Jesus
  • I've Never Loved Him Better Than Today
  • Something Happened to Daddy
  • Come, Holy Spirit
  • We've Come This Far by Faith
  • Nobody Cared
  • I Got Jesus Right Here in My Heart
  • Take up Thy Cross
  • He's the Savior of My Soul / Alleluia