Our God Medley Our God Medley - Jonathan Nelson

Cry Holy Cry Holy - Jonathan Nelson

Flow River Flow Flow River Flow - Jonathan Nelson

Bettah Bettah - Jonathan Nelson

Better Days Better Days - Jonathan Nelson

Only You Only You - Jonathan Nelson

Capacity Capacity - Jonathan Nelson

I Believe I Believe - Jonathan Nelson

Worshiper In Me Worshiper In Me - Jonathan Nelson

God Is Blessing God Is Blessing - Jonathan Nelson

Amazing Love Amazing Love - Jonathan Nelson

Jesus Chant Jesus Chant - Jonathan Nelson

My Hands Are Lifted Up My Hands Are Lifted Up - Jonathan Nelson

Flow River Flow - intro Flow River Flow - intro - Jonathan Nelson

Forever Settled Forever Settled - Jonathan Nelson

Brand New Brand New - Jonathan Nelson

Worked It Out Worked It Out - Jonathan Nelson

Intro Intro - Jonathan Nelson

Redeemed Redeemed - Jonathan Nelson

Everything You Are Everything You Are - Jonathan Nelson

How Great Is Our God How Great Is Our God - Jonathan Nelson

Called to Be Called to Be - Jonathan Nelson

Just For Me - intro Just For Me - intro - Jonathan Nelson

You Are Good You Are Good - Jonathan Nelson

Finish Strong Finish Strong - Jonathan Nelson

The Struggle Is Over The Struggle Is Over - Jonathan Nelson

I'm Healed I'm Healed - Jonathan Nelson

Praise Saved My Life Praise Saved My Life - Jonathan Nelson

Rehoboth Rehoboth - Jonathan Nelson

Hymn Medley Hymn Medley - Jonathan Nelson

Already Mine Already Mine - Jonathan Nelson

Yes Out There Yes Out There - Jonathan Nelson

God Is Blessing - intro God Is Blessing - intro - Jonathan Nelson

Fearless Fearless - Jonathan Nelson

Great and Mighty Great and Mighty - Jonathan Nelson

Jesus I Love You Jesus I Love You - Jonathan Nelson

Another Way Another Way - Jonathan Nelson

Worship Medley (Smile - Better Is One Day) Worship Medley (Smile - Better Is One Day) - Jonathan Nelson

Manifest Manifest - Jonathan Nelson

I Agree I Agree - Jonathan Nelson

Free Free - Jonathan Nelson

Just For Me Just For Me - Jonathan Nelson

I Am Your Song I Am Your Song - Jonathan Nelson

Right Now Praise Right Now Praise - Jonathan Nelson

Healed Healed - Jonathan Nelson

The Name of The Lord The Name of The Lord - Jonathan Nelson

Drench My Heart Drench My Heart - Jonathan Nelson

I Give You Glory I Give You Glory - Jonathan Nelson

My Hope My Hope - Jonathan Nelson

Anything Can Happen Anything Can Happen - Jonathan Nelson

My Name Is Victory My Name Is Victory - Jonathan Nelson

Thank You Lord Thank You Lord - Jonathan Nelson

Expect the Great Expect the Great - Jonathan Nelson

Name of the Lord Name of the Lord - Jonathan Nelson

Champions Champions - Jonathan Nelson

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Albums & Songs

  • Champions (feat. Purpose & Juanita Contee)
  • Better Days (feat. Purpose)
  • Expect the Great (feat. Purpose)
  • Everyday (feat. Purpose & Joy Lucas)
  • Zion's Song (feat. Purpose & Jason Nelson)
  • Yes out There (feat. Purpose)
  • Right Place (feat. Purpose & Marc Britt)
  • Thank You Lord (feat. Purpose)
  • I Am Your Song (feat. Purpose)
  • Drench My Heart (feat. Purpose, Tracie Ezell, Lesley Neely & Paula Huggins)
  • Everything You Are (feat. Purpose & Jason Nelson)
  • Manifest (feat. Purpose & John McClure)
  • Manifest (feat. Purpose)
  • Finally (feat. Purpose)
  • Praise Is My Weapon (feat. Purpose & Juanita Contee)
  • Outro (feat. Purpose)
  • Thank You Lord (feat. Purpose)
  • Manifest (feat. John McClure & Purpose)
  • Manifest (feat. Purpose)
  • Thank You Lord (Live) [feat. Purpose]
  • Manifest (Live) [feat. Purpose & John McClure]
  • Manifest (Reprise) [Live] [feat. Purpose]
  • Jesus I Love You
  • Jesus I Love You (Radio Edit)
  • Our God (Medley)
  • He's a Great God
  • I Agree (feat. Gene Hoskins)
  • Jesus I Love You
  • The Blood (feat. Jalisa Faye)
  • Redeemed
  • In God's Presence (Brokenness) [feat. Na'Asia Barnes]
  • It's Not Enough
  • Jesus You are Lord (feat. Anaysha Figueroa Cooper)
  • Because You Are (feat. BeBe Winans)
  • Because You Are (Reprise)
  • Great and Mighty
  • Intro
  • Fearless (feat. Da' T.R.U.T.H.)
  • My Hope
  • Name of the Lord
  • Name of the Lord Reprise
  • Anything Can Happen
  • Baba Oh (feat. Sonnie Badu)
  • You Are Good
  • Rehoboth
  • Forever Settled (feat. Dorinda Clark-Cole)
  • Brand New (feat. Kim Burrell)
  • I Believe (Island Medley) [So Long Bye Bye]
  • Amazing Love (feat. Jade Nelson)
  • Everything You Are (Jesus Chant)
  • Jesus Chant (feat. Jason Nelson)
  • I Give You Glory (feat. Tye Tribbett)
  • Victory Chant
  • Finish Strong (Strong Finish) [feat. Purpose]
  • Yes Lord (feat. Purpose & John McClure)
  • Live Pure (feat. Purpose & Todd Dulaney)
  • God Is Blessing (feat. Purpose)
  • God Is Blessing (feat. Purpose)
  • Worked It Out (feat. Purpose & Karen Clark-Sheard)
  • Just For Me (feat. Purpose)
  • Just For Me (feat. Purpose)
  • Flow River Flow (feat. Purpose)
  • Flow River Flow (feat. Purpose)
  • Dwell In Me (feat. Purpose & Lowell Pye)
  • Finally (feat. Purpose)
  • Free (feat. Purpose & Jade Milan Nelson)
  • My Name Is Victory (feat. Purpose)
  • Better Days
  • Cry Holy
  • Praise Saved My Life
  • I Am Your Song
  • Smile/better Is One Thing
  • Draw Me Nearer/ Agnus Dei/ Smile
  • Another Way
  • Expect the Great
  • Called to Be
  • Performance
  • Champions
  • My Name Is Victory
  • Drench My Heart
  • Right Now Praise
  • Bettah
  • Yes Out There
  • Yes Out There
  • Fill My Cup Lord I Need Thee Every Hour
  • Capacity (Breathe)
  • Only You
  • How Great Is Our God
  • Great and Mighty
  • Already Mine
  • Healed
  • Praise Him (Live)
  • Everyday (Live)
  • Right Place (Live)
  • Up, up Away (Live)
  • Bless His Name (Live)
  • Everything You Are (Live)
  • Manifest (Live)
  • Book of Life (Live)
  • Speak to Me (Live)
  • Change Will Come (Live)
  • Praise Unplugged (Live)
  • Master's Touch (Live)
  • Healed (Live)
  • Healed (Reprise) (Live)