Joyce Omondi is an award-winning Kenyan Gospel Singer.
Joyce Omondi was born in Nairobi and studied in the Kenyan city before proceeding to Knox College in the United States between 2006 and 2010 where she majored in both Economics and Integrated International Studies (IIS). She was a Sophomore Senator and a Knox Ambassador while in college. She learnt to sing and play the piano, and started performing early in life at church gatherings in Woodley, Nairobi and later graduated to singing in the Church choir. In Knox College she was part of the Harambee Choir.
On returning to Kenya, Joyce released a series of gospel singles and collaborations including Conqueror and Kweli which means “Truly” in Swahili. Kweli is one of her most popular hits and was dedicated to her Dad who survived the 1998 bomb blast at the American Embassy in Nairobi. Apart from her music career, Joyce is also a co-host of the popular Rauka Gospel Music show on Citizen TV in Kenya. She will be quitting the show in 2013 to pursue a master's degree in International Development at the Georgetown University in Washington. In 2013 she won the Groove Awards for Video of the Year category.
On December 18, 2015, Joyce Omondi got married to Citizen TV News Anchor Waihiga Mwaura in a lively, energetic, and dance-filled wedding.

Lihimidi Jina Lake Lihimidi Jina Lake - Joyce Omondi

Naamini Naamini - Joyce Omondi

Simba Wa Yuda Simba Wa Yuda - Joyce Omondi

Tumaini Tumaini - Joyce Omondi

Tabiri Tabiri - Joyce Omondi

Nifiche Nifiche - Joyce Omondi

Sitaogopa Sitaogopa - Joyce Omondi

Conquerer  CONQUEROR Conquerer CONQUEROR - Joyce Omondi

Satisfy Satisfy - Joyce Omondi

Jabali Jabali - Joyce Omondi

This Is My God This Is My God - Joyce Omondi

Kweli Kweli - Joyce Omondi

Uinuliwe Uinuliwe - Joyce Omondi

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Albums & Songs

  • Spirit vs Soul
  • Lihimidi Jina Lake
  • Simba Wa Yudah
  • Satisfy
  • Tumaini
  • Conquerer (Reprise)
  • Jabali
  • This Is My God
  • Uinuliwe & Kweli Medley (Reprise)
  • Milele
  • Perfect Gift
  • Sitaogopa (Reprise)
  • Conqurer
  • Kweli (feat. Kepha)
  • Here I Am to Worship (Intro)
  • Conquerer
  • Kweli (feat. Kepha Charles)
  • Nakukimbilia
  • Nifiche (feat. Rigga)
  • Uinuliwe
  • Great God
  • Your Presence
  • There You Are
  • Sitaogopa (feat. Pitsone)