Ways For Me Ways For Me - Maverick City Music - Dante Bowe

You Are My Champion You Are My Champion - Dante Bowe - Bethel Music

Abba Abba - Dante Bowe - Bethel Music

Champion Champion - Bethel Music - Dante Bowe

The Blood The Blood - Naomi Raine - Dante Bowe

Come Alive Come Alive - Dante Bowe - Bethel Music

Real Thing Real Thing - Maverick City Music - Dante Bowe

Good Grace Good Grace - Dante Bowe - Bethel Music

I Thank God I Thank God - Maverick City Music - UpperRoom Music - Dante Bowe

The Giant is Dead The Giant is Dead - Dante Bowe - Travis Greene

Take Me Back Take Me Back - Maverick City Music - Dante Bowe

Joyful Joyful - Dante Bowe

Revival's In The Air Revival's In The Air - Dante Bowe

My Soul Sings My Soul Sings - Dante Bowe - Maverick City Music

You Satisfy You Satisfy - Dante Bowe - Bethel Music

Anything is Possible Anything is Possible - Bethel Music - Dante Bowe

Prepare The Way Prepare The Way - Bethel Music - Bethany Wohrle - Dante Bowe

Eyes On You Eyes On You - Dante Bowe

Love Made Me Love Made Me - Dante Bowe

Testify Testify - Maverick City Music - Dante Bowe - Naomi Raine

There Is A Power There Is A Power - Rita Springer - Dante Bowe

Come Alive Come Alive - Dante Bowe

Glorious Day Glorious Day - Dante Bowe

Remember Remember - UpperRoom Music - Dante Bowe

Nothing/Something Nothing/Something - Pat Barrett - Dante Bowe

My Soul Sings My Soul Sings - Housefires - Dante Bowe - Kirby Kaple

He Paid It All He Paid It All - Bri Babineaux - Dante Bowe

Make It Right Make It Right - Maverick City Music - Dante Bowe - Todd Dulaney - Jekalyn Carr

Don't Talk About It Don't Talk About It - Dante Bowe

Psalms 103 Psalms 103 - Dante Bowe

Voice of God Voice of God - Dante Bowe - Steffany Gretzinger - Chandler Moore

Fell In Love Fell In Love - Travis Greene - Dante Bowe

Be Alright Be Alright - Dante Bowe - Amanda Cook

Lift You High Lift You High - Housefires - Dante Bowe - Kirby Kaple

Potter And Friend Potter And Friend - Dante Bowe - Tammi Haddon

Joy of The Lord Joy of The Lord - Maverick City Music - Katie Torwalt - Dante Bowe - Naomi Raine

Family Tree Family Tree - Dante Bowe

You Will Answer You Will Answer - Benita Jones - Dante Bowe

Son of Heaven Son of Heaven - Segun John - Matt Maher - Dante Bowe

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Dante Bowe joined the Bethel Music Collective as a worship leader and songwriter in June 2019 and can be seen leading worship at Bethel Church and on tour with the collective at events like Heaven Come Conference and WorshipU on Campus. When leading worship Dante enjoys watching God show up, and longs for people to encounter the goodness of the Father who guides protects, and never changes His mind about us. Dante released his first single “Potter and Friend” in January 2017 as a preview to his album Son of a Father which debuted a few months later. The album is inspired by our identity as sons and daughters found in the love of the Heavenly Father. The album debuted at #5 on iTunes charts and #21 on Billboard charts. Dante also appears on Maverick City Volumes I & II. Dante believes that raising the level of authenticity in worship will cause cultures, generations, and denominations to unite in a worship movement by merging gaps and removing all boundaries. Dante lives in Columbus, Georgia where he is a worship pastor at Addereth Church and a songwriter with Maverick City Music and Heritage Publishing in Atlanta. When he isn’t touring domestically and internationally for ministry, Dante enjoys adventuring and living life with his closest friends, and can be found doing anything from exploring downtown Atlanta to grilling in the backyard with family.

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