Mr. Seed is a Kenyan gospel artist who was formerly signed to EMB Records owned by Bahati. In this article, we look at the biography of Mr. Seed, his journey as a gospel artist in Kenya, the challenges he has faced along his journey including social media bullying targeting his family and himself and the steps that led to where he currently is.
He was born in Kenya where he was raised. He was born in 1995 and is one of the best performing youth artists in the country. Information on his family – parents and siblings remains scanty as at the time of this article’s publication.
Mr. Seed went into music from a young age allowing him to be established at a young age in mainstream media. His career has been so far successful having released and performed several of his songs in different platforms. He has produced albums such as Celebrate and The Sound, doing songs like Superstar, Lovi Lovi, Simama, Usikonde, Kwa Hao and Mungu ni Nani.
His style of music is a contemporary approach, using slang and language common among the youth and trendy words. He uses this as a means to reach to as many people as possible and to retain his relevance and the ability of his audience to relate with his message.

Dundaa Dundaa - Mr Seed

Lovi Lovi Lovi Lovi - Mr Seed

Usiniache Usiniache - Mr Seed

Happy Happy - Mr Seed

Am Sorry Am Sorry - Mr Seed

Superstar Superstar - Mr Seed

Ghetto Love Ghetto Love - Mr Seed

African Woman African Woman - Mr Seed

Ogopa Mungu Ogopa Mungu - Mr Seed

Blessed Blessed - Mr Seed

Cheki Cheki - Mr Seed

Piganiange Piganiange - Mr Seed

Hubadiliki Hubadiliki - Mr Seed

Furahi Furahi - Mr Seed

Hakuna Kama Wewe Hakuna Kama Wewe - Mr Seed

Bless me Bless me - Mr Seed

Miracle Miracle - Mr Seed

Around Around - Mr Seed

Mapito Mapito - Mr Seed

Pepeta Pepeta - Mr Seed

Ndoa Ndoa - Mr Seed

Utamu Utamu - Mr Seed

Simama Simama - Mr Seed

Only One (Dawa ya Baridi) Only One (Dawa ya Baridi) - Mr Seed

Dorime Dorime - Mr Seed

Upo Upo - Mr Seed

Kwa Hao Kwa Hao - Mr Seed

Romeo n Juliet Romeo n Juliet - Mr Seed

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