Is a kenyan Music Group founded by Reuben Kigame at first called Reuben Kigame and Friends later change to SIfa Voices back in 1999, 
The aims of the group are: 

Sifa Voices aims to:


  1. Encourage the development of a worship culture that is based on the Word of God as revealed in the Bible

  2. Write, record and distribute worship songs to build the faith of the Church in Africa and the world at large.

  3. Mentor upcoming Christian musicians in the writing of songs that glorify God and nourishes the hearts of the members of the Church.

  4. Encourage excellence, clarity and spiritual responsibility in Christian music.

  5. Reach out to those who do not believe in Jesus with the Gospel through music and the Word with particular emphasis on the youth in High Schools and College.

  6. Provide deep and lasting fellowship and support among members of the Sifa family and those related to them,ensuring that they grow whollistically in Christ.

  7. Provide training in music and worship for Church leaders including music directors for the purpose of ensuring quality corporate worship in the Church.

  8. Mentor the youth in spiritual disciplines and life skills and provide counseling for them whenever needed.

Huniachi Huniachi - Reuben Kigame - Sifa Voices - Gloria Muliro

Vita Vizuri - Nimevipiga Vita Vizuri Vita Vizuri - Nimevipiga Vita Vizuri - Sifa Voices

Baba Yetu Baba Yetu - Sifa Voices - Reuben Kigame

I Have Tasted of the Lord I Have Tasted of the Lord - Sifa Voices

Mbingu Zahubiri Mbingu Zahubiri - Reuben Kigame - Sifa Voices

Kile Unachopanda Kile Unachopanda - Reuben Kigame - Sifa Voices

I have tested of the Lord I have tested of the Lord - Sifa Voices

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Albums & Songs

  • Dunia Ni Shangwe
  • Simba Nguruma
  • Nitumie Lugha Gani
  • Sababu Elfu Kumi
  • Kile Unachopanda
  • Nijifiche Wapi
  • Nalisikia Sauti
  • Huniachi (feat. Gloria Muliro)
  • Usifadhaike
  • Who Is This Man (Ni Nana Huyu)
  • Wastahili Bwana (feat. Charity Mwangi)
  • Nitainua Macho Yangu
  • Wasisimua Moyo Wangu
  • Hapana Jina Jingine
  • Bwana Twakutukuza (feat. Margaret Chacha & James Kahero)
  • Bwana Ni Mchungaji Wangu (feat. Jayne Yobera)
  • Fadhili Zake Ni Za Milele
  • Mbingu Za Hubiri
  • Neno Moja Nimetamani (feat. Dorcas Karanja)
  • Moyo Wangu Musifu Bwana
  • Sweet Bunyore
  • He Lives
  • Cry the Pain
  • Goodbye Mercy
  • Eldoret
  • Night Is Here
  • Water from Your Own Well
  • Simple Man
  • Who Will Help the Refugees
  • Where Roses Never Fade
  • Thank You Friend
  • For a Time As This
  • Words Can Never Tell
  • When I Was a Boy
  • I'm in Love
  • Nitatangaza Neno Lake Bwana (feat. Sifa Voices)
  • Enda Nasi (feat. Sifa Voices)
  • Sina Mungu Mwingine (feat. Sifa Voices)
  • Fadhili Zake Ni Za Milele (feat. Sifa Voices)
  • Pokea Sifa (feat. Sifa Voices)
  • Mungu Baba (feat. Sifa Voices)
  • Heri Masikini Wa Roho (feat. Sifa Voices)
  • Nitainua Macho Yangu (feat. Sifa Voices)
  • Ombi Langu (feat. Sifa Voices)
  • Sifuni Mungu (feat. Sifa Voices)
  • Nitaimba Sifa Zako (feat. Sifa Voices)
  • Baba Yetu (feat. Sifa Voices)
  • Gospel Country
  • Jesus You Are the Lord
  • What a Sunday Morning
  • Daddy Came Home Last Night
  • Back to My Childhood
  • Sweet Bunyore
  • Never Alone
  • Jackie Come Back Home
  • I've Been Searching
  • Night Is Here
  • Voice from a Country Boy
  • Thank You Friend
  • When I Was a Boy
  • Lovely Mombasa
  • Cry the Pain
  • Mini-Bus Ride
  • Naomba Utulivu
  • Wewe Ni Bwana
  • Sauti
  • I Have Tasted/Nimeonja
  • Immanueli
  • Faida Tele
  • Heri Siku Moja
  • Tulia
  • Mungu Mtakatifu
  • Tutaonana Tena
  • Alfa Na Omega
  • Vita Vizuri
  • Tutaonana Tena
  • Tulia
  • Wewe Ni Bwana
  • Sauti
  • Immanueli
  • Faida Tele
  • Vita Vizuri
  • Alfa Na Omega
  • Heri Siku Moja
  • Mungu Mtakatifu
  • I Have Tasted / Nimeonja
  • Naomba Utulivu