margin-bottom: 0in; border: none; padding: 0in; font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; line-height: 100%;">Eunice Njeri is a renown kenyan gospel artist for her top swahili praise(nyimbo za sifa), the most featuring ablums being:

Tambarare - Single

Wanishangaza - Single

Nakuenzi - Single

Ameni - Single



She will also go down in history as an artist who walked out of marriage of her spouse barely 24 hours into the marriage.  


Pokea Sifa Pokea Sifa - Eunice Njeri

Unatosha - Nimeubeba Msalaba Wangu Unatosha - Nimeubeba Msalaba Wangu - Eunice Njeri

Nani Kama Wewe Nani Kama Wewe - Eunice Njeri

Tumeshinda Tumeshinda - Eunice Njeri - Godwill Babette

Bwana Yesu - Wewe Ndiwe Baba Yangu Bwana Yesu - Wewe Ndiwe Baba Yangu - Eunice Njeri

Zaidi na Zaidi Zaidi na Zaidi - Eunice Njeri

Uinuliwe Uinuliwe - Eunice Njeri

Ameni Amen Haleluya Ameni Amen Haleluya - Eunice Njeri

Najua mkombozi wangu Anaishi Najua mkombozi wangu Anaishi - Eunice Njeri

Nimekubali - Nasema Ndio Bwana Nimekubali - Nasema Ndio Bwana - Eunice Njeri

One more time Lord i need your touch One more time Lord i need your touch - Eunice Njeri

Tambarare Tambarare - Eunice Njeri

Wanishangaza Wanishangaza - Eunice Njeri

Baba Natamani Kuwa Nawe Baba Natamani Kuwa Nawe - Eunice Njeri

Safari - Shida Nyingi Safarini Safari - Shida Nyingi Safarini - Denno - Eunice Njeri

Anarudi Tena Anarudi Tena - Eunice Njeri

Nani Kama Wewe Live Nani Kama Wewe Live - Eunice Njeri

Nguvu Ya Msalaba Nguvu Ya Msalaba - Eunice Njeri

Nguruma Nguruma - Eunice Njeri

Moto Moto - Eunice Njeri

Uniteteaye Uniteteaye - Eunice Njeri

Tunaimba Tunaimba - Misjonssenter Masai Mara - Eunice Njeri - Godwill Babette

Sifa Zitande Sifa Zitande - Eunice Njeri

Uka Uka - Eunice Njeri

Worthy Worthy - Eunice Njeri - Evelyn Wanjiru

Praise You Jehovah Praise You Jehovah - Eunice Njeri

New Day New Day - Eunice Njeri

Atmosphere Atmosphere - Eunice Njeri - Evelyn Wanjiru

Uka (Live) Uka (Live) - Eunice Njeri

Tambarare Live Tambarare Live - Eunice Njeri

Hossana Hossana - Eunice Njeri

Waciama Waciama - Eunice Njeri

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Albums & Songs

  • Uka
  • Wanishangaza
  • Abba Father
  • Wa Ciama
  • Halleluyah Bwana
  • Not Unto Me
  • Praise the Lord
  • Hossana
  • I Wanna Be Your Friend
  • Holding On