Every time i take a breathe or see the sunshine
streams flowing from up on the high mountain
far to the vast sky unknown, you are wonderful God
I think of the many many times i have seen your powerful hand
the miracles in my Life , how could i leave without you

Wanishangaza, (wanishangaza)
Wanishangaza, (wanishangaza)
Matendo yako makuu wanishangaza
Miujiza yako yesu wanishangaza

Now take my heart, my faith, my trust
nakupa moyo wangu, na imani na kuamini
Baba nitaomba, nitaimba, nitakusifu
Milele nitaomba, nitaimba , nitakusifu
Mungu wa mapendo, mwenye utukufu wote

Wanishangaza, (wanishangaza)
Wanishangaza, (wanishangaza)
Yesu Wanishangaza, Yesu wanishangaza
Wanishangaza, (wanishangaza)

Wanishangaza, (wanishangaza)
Yesu wanishangaza, (wanishangaza)
how you love me wanishangaza
God you're mindful of me Lord wanishangaza
Mimi ni mwanadamu tu wanishangaza
Jinsi waniwazia mema, wanishangaza
na ukuu wako yesu we, wanishangaza
Bwana unavyotawala, wanishangaza

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