Gloria Owendi, commonly referred to as Gloria Muliro (Born 1 April 1980), is a Kenyan Gospel musician and songwriter. She debuted in 2005 when she released her first studio album titled Omwami Aletsa (The Lord is Coming). As of 2013, Muliro has four albums to her name, her most successful being Kibali (mandate) which has the popular song "Sitolia" (I Won't Cry) featuring Willy Paul. The album earned her six Groove Awards nominations. She went on to receive the female artist of the year award at the eighth Groove awards, an event that was attended by President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta.

Public life

Muliro first came into the limelight in 2005 when she recorded her first album ‘Omwami Aletsa’ (my God will surely come),which received massive airplay especially on local radio stations. She has three more albums to her name, and the 5th one coming soon.Several of her single tracks have hit airwaves in Kenya and beyond East Africa, among them Sitolia, Follow you, Kando, Msaidizi, Matokeo, Kitanzi….and the most recent NdiyoYako (your Yes). Muliro has received great recognition and has won several awards and nominations in Kenya and Africa, as best female Artist.Currently,she is a Kora awards nominee 2016 in the category of inspirational music. Muliro, regardless of being a household name,is not keen on publicity stunts. She remains humble, gentle and approachable. In fact, her zeal and enthusiasm for the Gospel is extraordinary, Always emptying her heart when she ministers, no matter the location, or size of the congregation, because “I know where I started-on the altar’ ’She says.

Life struggles

Muliro’s life’s journey is that of fortitude. Being born and raised under abject poverty, and a life of struggle after death robbed her of her mother, on the early morning of 3rd Nov 1989,there was almost no hope for a better tomorrow, but “Thanks to God for my sister Janet, who got saved after Mum’s burial, and introduced me to faith, without her knowledge. At the age of 9, I could kneel beside Janet, and repeat her prayers. I slowly learnt how to pray, and began telling God, that when I grow up, I want to be known” says Muliro. I struggled through School since I was frequently sent home for school fees I did well in primary school, but the same was not the case in High school, due to the extreme challenges” she adds.
The financial constrains in the family made it impossible to have her School fees cleared after high school, so she was denied her clearance documents from School. She was faced with a task to hustle to clear the balance, thus landing her first job as a house girl, earning Kshs 1,300. “I remember tithing faithfully every month” says Muliro.

Music journey

Muliro loved music right from a tender age. Having been born in a musical family, she drew a lot of inspiration from her mum, and her siblings, whom they sang together in Sunday school and school choir. “Every December, my sisters and I participated in Church Choir singing mainly Christmas carols (amalako), and on Christmas day we would compete with other groups”. She says. Even then, Muliro hadn’t realized that she had a ministry in her. It wasn’t until 2001 that she responded to the call of God, and began music as a career. It wasn’t an easy start since she was gripped by fear and very low self-esteem, which affected the sound of her voice, and she almost gave up singing, as she sounded horrible.“At that time I learnt how to tell it to God as it is and as I gave Him all my fears and struggles, He granted me the strength and Grace” says Muliro. “I also drew a lot of inspiration from established artistes, among them the late Angela Chibalonza, the Iconic Gospel legend”. She adds. Muliro joined the worship team of Maranatha Faith Assemblies, where she was a member. It is then that Rolland Esese and the late Stanely Mtambo introduced her to live band music and walked her through the training.

Gloria Muliro Ministry

Apart from Music and Praise and Worship activities, Gloria Ministries is also involved in helping children through Gloria Children's Home. Gloria Ministries was begun in 2001 by Gospel Musician – Gloria Muliro. It strives to offer a helping hand to the orphans, widows, street children, youth and most important to preach the Gospel through ‘The Great Commission’ that Christ commanded us all (Matthew 28:19,20). Her desire is to establish a music academy and a production studio, in which many young talented musicians will be nurtured. Muliro also intends to reach out to destitute children in the society through a center which will enable the children to em-better their lives.

About Msaidizi Africa Initiatives

Introduction Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others, Success without a successor in not success enough to be sustained. MSAIDIZI AFRICA INITIATIVES provides a platform where Talents are discovered, nurtured and mentored to maximum potential. MSAIDIZI is a Swahili word meaning HELPER, The initiative was founded in 2016 by Muliro an Award winning Gospel artist whose Music continues to be appreciated by people of all ages both locally and worldwide.
My Musical journey started with diverse struggles which would have been made easy with mentorship and direction. I must recognize the great effort of fellow musicians that went ahead of us and laid a foundation of spirit filled and Bible based songs that have continually inspired me till now. There seems to be gap between the former and current generation of artists in terms of content, mentorship and Ministry. Regardless of the tremendous Growth experienced in the Gospel Music industry, there are still challenges that need to be addressed and Msaidizi Africa initiative (MAI) aims at bridging the gap. Mentorship is a critical issue now in the Gospel Industry which informs our Vision, Will seek to Discover, nurture Uprising and raw Gospel artists across all counties in Kenya. The desire is to spread the same model not only in Kenya but beyond to include all nations in Africa. MAI intends to work with National Government, Counties, Church Leaders, Youth Group leaders, learning and Correctional institutions to achieve the desired and shared objectives. MAI will not work directly with the artists; will coordinate through their leadership either at Church, institution(s) or Parents for accountability.
Raising a Generation of mentored artists
Raising and mentoring Talents Mission statement: To be a springboard that will bring to realization the vision and dreams of young and uprising talents hence transforming their lives.
Target Group
Raw Talent
Uprising Talent Objectives
Discover Talent (Individual/ Group)
Instill and build mentees to have strong relationship with God…Seek first the Kingdom of God (Matt 6:33)
Teach and Guide on professional and successful song writing skills
Build awareness that Music pays, and it pays well. Teach mentees how to earn a living through music
Stage performance and Alter ministration
To facilitate and steer the processes of peace building, national cohesion and integration through music and Talent Core Values 1. Humility 2. Patience 3. Innovation


1ST Album- Mwami Aletsa : Tracks
Was recorded in 2005 : All tracks in Luhya, her native language
Omwami Aletsa (my God will surely come)
Mwami Yangula (He bought me )
Luliho Olwimbo (Theres a song)
Khulwanda (on the rock)
Mwami (Lord)
Nzitsang Hambeli (I press on )
Ndilonda Khunzira (I’ll follow the path)
Abula Oundi (There’s none else)2nd Album -SITOLIA :Tracks:
Nakuhitaji (I need you)
Neno (The Word)
Kazi yako (Your work)
Nani Kama Wewe (Who is like you)
Maisha ( A marriage Song)
Mambo yote (All things )
MatsaiKaYesu (The blood of Jesus)
3rd Album- FOLLOW YOU : Tracks:
Follow You
Kando –Betrayal
Yesu Iroma-All I have
Tukuza – A Praise Song
Bolela Yesu –Tell it to Jesus
Kibali –Favour
Ningweendete –I love you
Papa Oshe _Thank You Lord
Mbukanga – Am amazed
4th Album MSAIDIZI : Tracks:
Msaidisi (Helper)
Amini –Believe
Anakupenda –He loves you
Orio-Thank you
Mungu ni Mungu (He is God)
I pad
Matokeo –Results


Nakubaliana Nakubaliana - Gloria Muliro

Huniachi Huniachi - Reuben Kigame - Sifa Voices - Gloria Muliro

Narudisha Narudisha - Gloria Muliro

Nahitaji Ndio Yako Yesu Tu Nahitaji Ndio Yako Yesu Tu - Gloria Muliro

Usiku Mtakatifu (Holy Night Swahili) Usiku Mtakatifu (Holy Night Swahili) - Reuben Kigame - Gloria Muliro

Msaidizi Msaidizi - Gloria Muliro

Matokeo Matokeo - Gloria Muliro

Follow You Follow You - Gloria Muliro

Wema Wema - Gloria Muliro - Willy Paul

Mpango wa Kando Mpango wa Kando - Gloria Muliro

Ingabo Ingabo - Gloria Muliro

Look To Jesus Look To Jesus - Gloria Muliro

Anatenda Anatenda - Gloria Muliro

Nani Kama wewe Nani Kama wewe - Gloria Muliro

Omusalapa Omusalapa - Gloria Muliro

Mwami Aletsa Mwami Aletsa - Gloria Muliro

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Albums & Songs

  • Msaidizi
  • Mungu Ni Mungu
  • Kitanzi
  • Orio
  • Matokeo
  • Mapito
  • Anakupenda
  • Amini
  • iPad
  • Follow You
  • Pendo
  • Kibali
  • Papa Oshe
  • Mwiai
  • Kando
  • Yesu Iroma
  • Bhukanga Shingoli
  • Jesu Ningwendete
  • Bolela Yesu
  • Sitolia
  • Tukuza
  • Neno
  • Nani Kama Wewe
  • Kazi Yako Haina Makosa
  • Nakuhitaji
  • Matsai Ka Yesu
  • Mambo Yote
  • Jehova
  • Kwinjile Mwikulu
  • Unzitsulilanga
  • Nyasaye Wa Toto
  • Khuli Mbulwanii
  • Nondanga Yesu
  • Yesu Neingabo
  • Yaho Mwikulu
  • Khuchinga Omusalapa
  • Nasema Asante (feat. Daddy Owen & Gloria Muliro) [Legendary Collabo]
  • Msaidizi
  • Amini
  • Anakupenda
  • Mary Did You Know
  • Kitanzi
  • Luliho Olwimbo
  • (Yesu Iroma) Luo
  • Nakuhitaji (Swahili)
  • Sitolia (Swahili)
  • Omwami Yesu Yangula (Luhya)
  • Jesu Nigwendete (Kikuyu)
  • Jesu You Have Done Me Well (English)
  • Papa Oshe (Swahili)
  • Nataka Neno (Swahili)
  • Bolela Yesu (Luyha)
  • Omwami Aletsa (Luyha)
  • Khulwanda
  • Kibali (Swahili)
  • Maisha (Wedding Song)