Mercylinah Wambugu is a Kenyan worship gospel musician who is popularly known for her hit song ‘Nashukuru’. She is married to Mandala Victor who is a producer at Bibilia Husema Broadcasting on August 4th 2012 a ceremony that was held at the Daysprings Academy Kariobangi South and they are blessed with a daughter Tehilla.


  • Wa Ajabu

  • Uwepo

  • Niponye

  • Washukuru

  • Niongoze

  • Twakuabudu

  • Atanipigania

  • Nani Kama Wewe

  • Uwepo Wako

  • Mwamba Imara

  • Kwa Jinsi Ulivyo

  • Run To Jesu

  • Hakuna Kilio

  • Bila Masharti

  • Ni Utugi

  • Umiriria

  • Bless The Lord

Umenipa Uhai Baba Umenipa Uhai Baba - Mercy Linah

Wa Ajabu wewe wa ajabu Wa Ajabu wewe wa ajabu - Mercy Linah

Nashukuru Nashukuru - Mercy Linah

Huniongoza Huniongoza - Mercy Linah

Hutendeka Kwa Wema Hutendeka Kwa Wema - Mercy Linah

WEMA WAKO WEMA WAKO - Mercy Linah - Dr Ipyana

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