Sean Feucht is an American activist, Christian singer, songwriter and volunteer worship leader at Bethel Church in Redding, California. He ran as a Republican in California's 3rd Congressional District.Feucht has been both criticized and lauded for holding various Christian worship concerts in mid-2020 during and in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. The concerts were held to protest government restrictions on religious gatherings because of the pandemic.
Feucht was born in Montana and moved to Virginia. He graduated from Oral Roberts University and embarked on a journey across America leading evangelistic worship events wherever he was invited. His base was in Dallas, Texas, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Redding, California. He became worship leader at Bethel Church and joined their record label. He has recorded 22 music albums and co-authored 5 books. He founded the organization Burn 24-7 in his college dorm room, which has planted over 300 chapters in more than 60 countries called "furnaces" that seek to hold "24-7-365 worship, prayer and supernatural explosive outreach." He has led evangelistic worship concerts and missionary trips to Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Uganda, among other nations.
Feucht and 50 other worship leaders visited President Donald Trump for a faith briefing at the White House amid the run-up to the first impeachment of Trump in December 2019. Feucht said of the event, "We just laid our hands on him and prayed for him. It was like a real intense, hardcore prayer. It was so wild."

2020 congressional campaign

Feucht ran as a Republican for California's 3rd congressional district in 2020, coming in third place with 14% of the votes, finishing behind John Garamendi and Tamika Hamilton in the March 3 primary. Feucht ran a socially conservative campaign, which was against high taxes and staunchly critical of abortion calling it "the slaughter of the unborn and the newborn." Some other issues he wanted to focus on were homelessness and affordable housing in California, and he wanted to give parents more rights regarding mandatory vaccination and sex education. Despite running for Congress, he does not see himself as a politician.

Concerts during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the later half of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was ongoing, Feucht arranged worship concerts across the United States that drew crowds of thousands to protest government restrictions on religious gatherings. These concerts were later expanded to focus on cities with George Floyd protests. Feucht stated, "We just feel this call to really target cities that are under extreme turmoil and despair and brokenness" and said it was a new Jesus Movement. Bethel Church, where Feucht is a worship leader, did not financially support him, but wrote a statement of support for his movement and vision.In June 2020, Feucht held a worship session at the site of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota and claimed a revival was happening, calling it the "Minneapolis miracle" and the "HOPE RALLY." Feucht called the killing an "injustice" and referred to it as "the trauma" but was critical of Black Lives Matter's support for gender identity politics and abortion rights in online posts prior to the worship session. He claimed on Twitter afterwards that he and senior Bethel pastor Beni Johnson were censored by Twitter and Instagram for sharing videos of the events and posting Bible verses. His posts were shared by senator Josh Hawley who stated "Cancel culture meets #BigTech. Now @instagram is censoring a Christian worship leader who wants to post videos of praise and worship from places where there has recently been unrest."In August 2020, Feucht led similar worship concerts called "Riots to Revival" in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. The sites of the concerts had recently been the sites of major protests and riots, including Seattle's Cal Anderson Park which had been part of the territory controlled by the Capitol Hill Organized Protest. The concerts violated local laws requiring masks and social distancing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Feucht claimed that between 4,000 and 7,000 attended the concert in Portland.In September 2020, Feucht attempted to hold a Labor Day "prayer rally" at Seattle's Gas Works Park, but after the city closed off all its major parks for the holiday due to expected overcrowding, Feucht held the rally in the street across from the park. He originally failed to get a permit, but the city allowed the rally when he called it a "worship protest". Hundreds packed the street tightly, mostly without wearing face masks. Later that month, following a concert in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the site of the Kenosha protests, Feucht was prevented from holding a concert on the South Side of Chicago after police threatened to take action against him for not having a permit for the event.At the end of December 2020, Feucht planned to hold multiple events around Los Angeles against the wishes of local activists and homeless advocates and in violation of local health orders.
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Imago Dei Imago Dei - Sean Feucht

Heart and Hands Heart and Hands - Sean Feucht

He Breaks Heavy Yoke He Breaks Heavy Yoke - Sean Feucht

I Love Your Presence I Love Your Presence - Sean Feucht

Louder Louder - Sean Feucht

When We Praise When We Praise - Sean Feucht

Breakers Breakers - Sean Feucht

Let Everything Let Everything - Sean Feucht

Sweet As Honey Sweet As Honey - Sean Feucht

God of the Nations God of the Nations - Sean Feucht

All My Hope All My Hope - Sean Feucht

Glory (Instrumental) Glory (Instrumental) - Sean Feucht

Kindling Kindling - Sean Feucht

Make Us Ready Make Us Ready - Sean Feucht

Kingdoms Kingdoms - Sean Feucht

Still Will I Love You Still Will I Love You - Sean Feucht

Intimacy Intimacy - Sean Feucht

There is A Name There is A Name - Sean Feucht

Our God Reigns Our God Reigns - Sean Feucht

Reward Reward - Sean Feucht

Rest On Us Rest On Us - Sean Feucht

Away Away - Sean Feucht

You Delight in Me You Delight in Me - Sean Feucht

High and Lifted Up (King Jesus) High and Lifted Up (King Jesus) - Sean Feucht - Meredith Andrews

Take Joy Take Joy - Sean Feucht

You Are God Alone You Are God Alone - Sean Feucht

Wild One Wild One - Sean Feucht

The Power Of The Blood The Power Of The Blood - Sean Feucht

Nothing Better Nothing Better - Sean Feucht

Beautiful Transaction Beautiful Transaction - Sean Feucht

Nineteen Nineteen - Sean Feucht

Awaken Love Awaken Love - Sean Feucht

Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble? Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble? - Sean Feucht

All Things New All Things New - Sean Feucht

Waiting Here Waiting Here - Sean Feucht

Praise is The Highway Praise is The Highway - Sean Feucht

The One The One - Sean Feucht

Hallelujah Hallelujah - Sean Feucht

Move On Us Move On Us - Sean Feucht

Your Presence is Enough Your Presence is Enough - Sean Feucht

We Haven't Seen Anything Yet We Haven't Seen Anything Yet - Sean Feucht

Forever We Worship Forever We Worship - Sean Feucht

Come Have Your Way Come Have Your Way - Sean Feucht - Meredith Mauldin

You Will Live Again You Will Live Again - Sean Feucht

Favor of Your Face Favor of Your Face - Sean Feucht

You're Real You're Real - Sean Feucht

Invitation Invitation - Sean Feucht

I Got You I Got You - Sean Feucht

Never Gets Old Never Gets Old - Sean Feucht

Latter Rain Latter Rain - Sean Feucht

Your Time Has Come Your Time Has Come - Sean Feucht

Favor to Your Face Favor to Your Face - Sean Feucht

You Are All You Are All - Sean Feucht

Never Wanna Look Away Never Wanna Look Away - Sean Feucht

Singing The Walls Down Singing The Walls Down - Sean Feucht

I Can Hear The Sound I Can Hear The Sound - Sean Feucht

We Need Restoration We Need Restoration - Sean Feucht

Be Not Far Be Not Far - Sean Feucht

Worthy of It All Worthy of It All - Sean Feucht

My Vision My Vision - Sean Feucht

Mighty Warrior Mighty Warrior - Sean Feucht

Celebrate Celebrate - Sean Feucht

The Oil, The Fire The Oil, The Fire - Sean Feucht

The Send The Send - Sean Feucht

I Am Here I Am Here - Sean Feucht

Come Alive Come Alive - Sean Feucht

Hillside Prayer Hillside Prayer - Sean Feucht

All Praise All Praise - Sean Feucht

Remain Remain - Sean Feucht

Cool of the Day Cool of the Day - Sean Feucht

Faithful to the End Faithful to the End - Sean Feucht

Till The Whole Earth Looks Like Heaven Till The Whole Earth Looks Like Heaven - Sean Feucht

Love Released Love Released - Sean Feucht

Spirit and Truth Spirit and Truth - Sean Feucht

When My Heart Became Aware When My Heart Became Aware - Sean Feucht

Like a Fire Like a Fire - Sean Feucht - Steffany Gretzinger

Just One Gaze Just One Gaze - Sean Feucht

Won't You Come Won't You Come - Sean Feucht

Rain Down Rain Down - Kim Walker - Sean Feucht

Make Me A Lover Make Me A Lover - Sean Feucht

Living Sacrifice Living Sacrifice - Sean Feucht

Let it Roll Let it Roll - Sean Feucht

Bethany's Song Bethany's Song - Sean Feucht

Nothing Better Nothing Better - Sean Feucht - Meredith Mauldin

Fully Aware Fully Aware - Sean Feucht

Childlike Faith Childlike Faith - Sean Feucht

Lay My Head Lay My Head - Sean Feucht

Place of More Place of More - Sean Feucht

All It Takes Is One All It Takes Is One - Sean Feucht

Rejoice Rejoice - Sean Feucht

First Commandment First Commandment - Sean Feucht

Beautiful Tonight Beautiful Tonight - Sean Feucht

Church On Fire - Open up Heaven Church On Fire - Open up Heaven - Sean Feucht

Lay My Head (John's Song) Lay My Head (John's Song) - Sean Feucht

Love Lovin' Love Lovin' - Sean Feucht

Awaken Love Awaken Love - Sean Feucht - Jenn Johnson

There is a Joy There is a Joy - Sean Feucht

Be Not Far Be Not Far - Sean Feucht - Andrea Marie

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  • We Haven't Seen Anything Yet
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  • Praise Is the Highway
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  • There Is a Name
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  • Oh Lord, You're Beautiful
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  • Till the Whole Earth Looks Like Heaven
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  • Singing the Walls Down
  • Still Will I Love (Song for Refugees) [feat. Kim Walker-Smith]
  • Spirit and Truth
  • All It Takes Is One
  • The Power of the Blood
  • Forever We Worship
  • When My Heart Became Aware
  • You Delight in Me
  • Like a Fire (feat. Steffany Gretzinger)
  • Thirst (feat. Kristene DiMarco) [Remixed]
  • Cool of the Day (Instrumental)
  • Lay My Head (John's Song)
  • Awaken Love (feat. Jenn Johnson) [Remixed]
  • Rejoice (feat. Ricky Skaggs) [Remixed]
  • Be Not Far (feat. Andrea Marie) [Remixed]
  • Favor of Your Face
  • Victorious One (You Have Overcome) [Live] (feat. Kristene Dimarco)
  • The Love You Have for Me (Live) [feat. Amanda Cook]
  • Celebrate (Live)
  • We Are Hungry (Live) [feat. Kristene Dimarco]
  • Awake My Soul (Live) [feat. Kristene Dimarco]
  • Fully Aware (Instrumental) [Live]
  • The Send (Live) [feat. Heidi Baker & Julie Meyer]
  • Worthy of It All (Live)
  • Making Melody (Live) [feat. Kristene Dimarco]
  • Finish What You Started (Song for North Korea) [Live] (feat. Kristene Dimarco)
  • Pleasant Places (Boundary Lines)
  • How Good and Pleasant
  • Summer Solstice
  • Don't Be Overwhelmed
  • No Other Name
  • What Do the Angels See
  • Awake My Soul (feat. Kristene Dimarco)
  • Making Melody (feat. Olivia Dyer)
  • Let Our Love Soar
  • Don't Be Overwhelmed (feat. Kristene Dimarco)
  • Messenger (Malachi's Song)
  • Abide (feat. David Brymer)
  • Love Lovin'
  • The World Can Wait (Spontaneous) [feat. Kristene Dimarco]
  • Treasures
  • Only Just Begun (feat. William Matthews)
  • The Oil, the Fire (feat. William Matthews)
  • No Turning Back
  • Celebrate (Brazil)
  • Childlike Faith (Australia)
  • Never Wanna Look Away (United Kingdom)
  • Finish What You Started (North Korea) [feat. Kristene Di Marco] [Live]
  • Great Things (South Africa) [feat. Kristene Di Marco]
  • There Is a Joy (New Zealand) [Live]
  • Hillside Prayer (Turkey)
  • Kingdoms (United States of America)
  • Make Me a Lover (Norway)
  • There's a Rest (Iraq / Iran) [feat. Kristene Di Marco] [Live]
  • Getting Better (Germany) [feat. Kristene Di Marco] [Live]
  • Stronger Than the Grave (Canada) [Live]
  • Going Down to the River / I Will Enjoy You
  • Glory In the Highest
  • Point of It All / Every Other Lover Fade Away (feat. Brandon Hampton)
  • There Is Only One (feat. Brandon Hampton)
  • I Delight / Be Still My Soul (feat. Kristene Di Marco)
  • Kingdoms
  • Joy In Loving You
  • Swimming In Your Love
  • There's a Rest Reprise / Here I Will Stay (feat. Kristene Di Marco)
  • Glory In the Highest
  • Joy In Loving You
  • Watches of the Night
  • Be Not Far (Feat. Andrea Marie Reagan)
  • Jerusalem, Come Away
  • More Than Enough (Feat. Brandon Hampton) [Live]
  • Keturah's Song (Lullaby of Redemption) [Live]
  • Living Sacrifice
  • Incense Rise (Instrumental) [Live]
  • Going Down To the River
  • Thirst (Feat. Kristene Mueller-DiMarco
  • Oh Victorious One
  • Dad's Song (You Are Good) [Live]
  • Your Presence Is Enough
  • Your Time Has Come
  • All Things New (Feat. Ricky Skaggs)
  • Perspective
  • Take Us Back To Our First Love
  • Won't You Come
  • Hallelujah
  • Time To Fly (Song Over A Generation)
  • Waiting Here
  • Ascend
  • Outro
  • Come Alive
  • Make Us Ready
  • We Need Restoration
  • Your Presence Is Enough
  • Your Time Has Come
  • Awaken Love
  • Won't You Come
  • Rejoice
  • Breakers
  • All Things New
  • Reward
  • Just One Gaze
  • You Are God Alone
  • Awaken Desire
  • We Won't Be Denied
  • Come Near
  • Radiant
  • Our God Is Mighty
  • Mercy Always Wins
  • River Flow
  • Face of You Lord
  • Show My Salvation
  • Divine Tension
  • Oh How We Love You
  • You Are Worthy
  • I've Been Waiting (Alpha)
  • Pour It Out
  • Sweet Perfume
  • Altar
  • Don't Delay
  • Purify
  • Red Rain
  • I've Been Waiting (Omega)
  • Latter Rain
  • Learning
  • Fill
  • My Lover Is Mine
  • Kindling
  • Thirst
  • A People Marked (Obedience)
  • Light Me On Fire
  • Beautiful Tonight
  • Redemption
  • Bring Me Back
  • I Got You
  • Beautiful Tonight
  • You Are All
  • Away
  • Kindling
  • God of the Nations
  • Place of More
  • Let It Roll
  • Intimacy
  • My Vision
  • Waiting Still
  • Invitation
  • Make Us Ready
  • Move On Us
  • Awaken Love
  • Love Released
  • Bethany's Song
  • I Am Here
  • You Will Live Again
  • You're Real
  • The One
  • Beautiful Transaction
  • Glory (Instrumental)
  • Complete
  • Learning
  • Fathom
  • Waiting Here
  • Resting
  • Good
  • Hold On
  • You're Real
  • My Deep
  • Alive
  • Awaiting
  • SOS 8
  • Ready or Not
  • Open the Door
  • Lion Roar
  • I Can't Escape
  • Nineteen
  • Longing
  • Jesus Come
  • My Lover is Mine
  • I Am Yours
  • MIghty Warrior
  • The Sound
  • Shower
  • Beckoning
  • Away
  • Joy
  • Show Yourself Strong I
  • Show Yourself Strong II
  • The Blood
  • 145
  • Remain
  • Call Your Warriors Forth
  • All My Hope
  • Intimacy
  • I Believe
  • Waiting Here