Elijah Oyelade is a  Nigerian deep worshipper, a pastor, a worship leader, a teacher and a song writer. His worship lifestyle and songs is impacting and inspiring many. The following are his albums:

Glorious God Glorious God - Elijah Oyelade

Adonai Adonai - Elijah Oyelade

You are Highly Lifted Up You are Highly Lifted Up - Elijah Oyelade

Thank You Father Thank You Father - Elijah Oyelade

Master of The Universe Master of The Universe - Elijah Oyelade

God Of Wonders God Of Wonders - Elijah Oyelade

Take Me To The Place Take Me To The Place - Elijah Oyelade

Be Revealed Be Revealed - Elijah Oyelade

Baba Oh Baba Oh - Elijah Oyelade

The Place of His Feet The Place of His Feet - Elijah Oyelade

I Belong To You I Belong To You - Elijah Oyelade

Calvary - Not in Vain Calvary - Not in Vain - Elijah Oyelade

God is Good God is Good - Elijah Oyelade

Emmanuel Emmanuel - Elijah Oyelade

My Father and My Friend My Father and My Friend - Elijah Oyelade

I Know Who I Am I Know Who I Am - Elijah Oyelade

Saturate Us Saturate Us - Elijah Oyelade

Testimony Testimony - Elijah Oyelade

Father I Love You Father I Love You - Elijah Oyelade

Owner of The Key Owner of The Key - Elijah Oyelade

All Because of You All Because of You - Elijah Oyelade

Spirit Pray - Something is Changing Spirit Pray - Something is Changing - Elijah Oyelade

The Way You Father Me The Way You Father Me - Elijah Oyelade

Lover of My Soul Lover of My Soul - Elijah Oyelade

I Am that I Am I Am that I Am - Elijah Oyelade

You Are Glorified You Are Glorified - Elijah Oyelade

The Lord Of All The Lord Of All - Elijah Oyelade

Take All The Glory Take All The Glory - Elijah Oyelade

Holy Ghost Holy Ghost - Elijah Oyelade

Thank You Thank You - Elijah Oyelade

The Picture of You The Picture of You - Elijah Oyelade

Poured Out Poured Out - Elijah Oyelade

Ancient Of Days Ancient Of Days - Elijah Oyelade

Thank You Jesus Thank You Jesus - Elijah Oyelade

My Desire My Desire - Elijah Oyelade

No More Limit No More Limit - Elijah Oyelade

Song Of Heaven Song Of Heaven - Elijah Oyelade

My Peace My Peace - Elijah Oyelade

Iyanu (Wonders) Iyanu (Wonders) - Elijah Oyelade

Rid Of Those Things Rid Of Those Things - Elijah Oyelade

Ruach Elohim Ruach Elohim - Elijah Oyelade - Victoria Orenze

You are Jehovah You are Jehovah - Elijah Oyelade

Song of Victory Song of Victory - Elijah Oyelade

Glorious God Beautiful King Glorious God Beautiful King - Elijah Oyelade

Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy - Elijah Oyelade

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Albums & Songs

  • Love in My Heart
  • Take All the Credit
  • You Are Forever
  • Sweet Jesus
  • God All by Yourself
  • Yeshua (feat. Gloria Amana)
  • More Than Anything
  • Anu
  • Na Me Be This
  • .Wetin You No Fit Do
  • Lord Have Mercy (Intercessory Worship Session for Nigeria)
  • BABA O
  • The Place of His Feet
  • All Because of You
  • Thank You Jesus
  • Poured Out
  • The Way You Father Me
  • My Father & My Friend (feat. Stephanie Kome Ita)
  • Your Word Is Yes
  • I'm Devoted to You
  • Song of Heaven
  • Adonai (Live)
  • You Are My Desire
  • Saturate Us
  • Rid Me of Those Things
  • Spirit Pray (Live)
  • Show Us Your Glory
  • He's Watching over Me
  • Song of Victory
  • For This
  • The Lord of All
  • Thank You My Father (feat. CHIGOZIE ACHUGO AKAGHA)
  • Iyanu
  • You Are Jehovah
  • God of Wonders
  • Glorious God (feat. Glowreeyah Braimah)
  • I Belong to You
  • Calvary
  • Lover of My Soul
  • So Much
  • No More Limit
  • Almighty God
  • My Testimony
  • Master of the Universe
  • Ancient of Days
  • My Desire
  • Father I Love You
  • Be Revealed
  • I'm Yours
  • My Desire II
  • Highly Lifted
  • You Are Glorified
  • Owner of the Key (feat. Nathaniel Bassey)
  • I Know Who I Am
  • Thank You
  • I Praise You
  • Awesome God
  • Be Revealed
  • Baba Oh
  • Highly Lifted
  • You Are My Shield
  • Testify
  • I Remember
  • The Way You Father Me
  • Elohim
  • Glorious God
  • Take Me to the Place
  • Emmanuel
  • I Am the Why
  • Gba Aiye MI
  • I Believe
  • I'm Going Higher
  • My Responsibility
  • Thank You for Your Love (feat. Proper Ochimana)
  • I Am
  • Majesty
  • Merciful
  • Spirit Pray
  • Let Me See Your Face
  • Holy Ghost
  • Spirit Pray II
  • Breathe on Me
  • I Believe
  • Mo Beru Re