Wilson Abubakar Radido is a Kenyan artist and songwriter from Nairobi. He is the chief executive officer and founder of Saldido international entertainment.Paul was named male artist of the year at the 2013 Groove Awards alongside his mentor Gloria Muliro, who took the female artist of the year award. Some of his well-known singles are "I do" featuring Alaine from Jamaica, " Njiwa" featuring Nandy from Tanzania, "Hallelujah" featuring Nandy, "Sikireti" featuring Cecil from Jamaica, "Nobody" featuring Yemi Alade from Nigeria, "Mmmh" featuring @rayvanny from Tanzania, "Jigi Jigi, Kanungo, Malingo", and "You Never Know" which earned him recognition and a US tour.
He first gained recognition after recording the song "Sitolia" with Muliro which was an object of controversy after several claims by Willy that he was not earning much from the song because Muliro allegedly owned exclusive copyrights to the song. They settled their differences and recorded another hit song, "Kitanzi". In 2012, he was nominated for the Kisima Music Awards' Male Artist of the Year.
Wilson Shikwekwe Radido was born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Radido in September 1993 in Mathare slums. His father, who was of Ugandan descent, was a carpenter, while his wife, an immigrant from Tanzania, was a hairdresser until 2011, when a chronic illness confined her to her bed. Wilson dropped out of school in 2011 due to financial constraints following his father's death. He took Juakali jobs to generate income to support his mother and his three siblings.
His first hit was "Rabuka". His major breakthrough came in 2010. He later co-authored his first single "Sitolia" with Muliro, which was a reflection of his life history, depicting his struggles and giving himself a renewed hope that God had brought him to the limelight. His first album, You never know launched on 5 December 2013 in a ceremony at KICC, graced by Daddy Owen, Ben Githae, Gloria Muliro, DK Kwenye Beat, Ben Bahati, Bahati, Men Of God (MOG), Size 8, Mr Seed, Shiru Wa GP, Betty Bayo, Danny Gift, DJ Sadic and DJ Mo. The album included, "You never know", "Lala Salama", "Mpenzi" and "Kitanzi".
Paul toured the US in 2014, performing in churches in 12 states. The tour began on 10 March in Sacramento, California. He performed alongside artiste Polly Odotte at the House of Glory Church. He then headed to Neema Gospel Church in Dallas, Texas, and, on 15 March, performed at St Louisiana, Missouri. On 29–30 March, Willy ministered to the audience at Neema Community Church in Overland Park, Kansas. He concluded his tour on 27 April in [[Las Vegas, Nevada.Paul beat Bahati with his "Tam Tam" song featuring Size 8 and managed to win 2 Mdundo Awards; Most Downloaded Gospel Artist and Most Downloaded Male Single. He won four nominations for the awards with "Tam Tam", a collaboration with Size 8 released in 2014 granting him Collabo of the Year, Video of the Year, Song of the year and Male Artist of the Year.
He collaborated with hip-hop artist Khaligraph Jones on "Bora uhai". Following “I Do” with Alaine, they married.
Paul has received constant accusations of secularism from various quarters.
"Jigi Jigi" peaked at number one in all major charts in Kenya, including Mdundo Weekly Top 100, the Top 40 Singles Chart, and the Local Top 20 Hits on Music
Paul set up a foundation in Kenya to help needy people in the area. He helped children to get access to basic education and health

Wema Wema - Gloria Muliro - Willy Paul

Digiri Digiri - Willy Paul

Tiga Wana Tiga Wana - Willy Paul

Mamangu Mamangu - Willy Paul

Banana Banana - Willy Paul

Bye Bye Bye Bye - Willy Paul

Chuchuma Chuchuma - Willy Paul

Lala Salama Lala Salama - Willy Paul

Kamataa Kamataa - Willy Paul

Pili pili Pili pili - Willy Paul

Murder Murder - Willy Paul

Nomare Nomare - Willy Paul

Mapenzi Mapenzi - Willy Paul

Liar Liar - Willy Paul

Roho Mbaya Roho Mbaya - Willy Paul

Mashallah Mashallah - Willy Paul

Take It Slow Take It Slow - Willy Paul

Kwa Vile Kwa Vile - Willy Paul

Bebi Bebi Bebi Bebi - Willy Paul

Nikumbate Nikumbate - Willy Paul

Hallelujah Hallelujah - Willy Paul

Unusual Unusual - Willy Paul

Meremeta Meremeta - Willy Paul

Harambee Harambee - Willy Paul

Heartbreak Heartbreak - Willy Paul

Sikireti Sikireti - Willy Paul

Tam Tam Tam Tam - Willy Paul


Tamu Walahi Tamu Walahi - Willy Paul

Fall In Love Fall In Love - Willy Paul

I Love You I Love You - Willy Paul

Shado Mado Shado Mado - Willy Paul

Sitolia Sitolia - Willy Paul

Imani Imani - Willy Paul

Ogopa Wasanii Ogopa Wasanii - Willy Paul

I Do I Do - Willy Paul

Bure Kabisa Bure Kabisa - Willy Paul

Controller Controller - Willy Paul

Vigelegele Vigelegele - Willy Paul

Umeme Umeme - Willy Paul

Chocolate Chocolate - Willy Paul

Hold Yuh Hold Yuh - Willy Paul

Tempted Tempted - Willy Paul

Pressure Pressure - Willy Paul

Hukuniacha Hukuniacha - Willy Paul

Poromoka Poromoka - Willy Paul

Nishikilie Nishikilie - Willy Paul

AAAIH AAAIH - Willy Paul

Nisamehe Nisamehe - Willy Paul

Solomon Solomon - Willy Paul

Kidogo Kidogo - Willy Paul

William Lawsons (My Rules My Life) William Lawsons (My Rules My Life) - Willy Paul

You never Know You never Know - Willy Paul

You You - Willy Paul

Lenga Lenga - Willy Paul

Kesho Kesho - Willy Paul

Missi Missi - Willy Paul

Jigi Jigi Jigi Jigi - Willy Paul

Collabo Collabo - Willy Paul

Aheri Mama Aheri Mama - Willy Paul

Odi Love Odi Love - Willy Paul

Kanungo Kanungo - Willy Paul

Alkaida Alkaida - Willy Paul

Magnetic Magnetic - Willy Paul

Kitanzi Kitanzi - Willy Paul

Bebi Bebi (KIZUNGU ZUNGU) Bebi Bebi (KIZUNGU ZUNGU) - Willy Paul

Diana Diana - Willy Paul

Msafi Malingo Msafi Malingo - Willy Paul

Uuh mama Uuh mama - Willy Paul

NYE NYE - Willy Paul

Tik Tok Tik Tok - Willy Paul

Fanya Fanya - Willy Paul

Something Something - Willy Paul

Lamba Nyonyo Lamba Nyonyo - Willy Paul

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Albums & Songs

  • Cheza Ngoma (feat. Maud Elka)
  • Hello (feat. Iyanya)
  • Umeme
  • Kata Kataa (feat. Denyque)
  • My Child, My Love
  • Kuu Kuu (feat. JZyNO)
  • Isabella
  • Na Na Na (feat. Marioo)
  • I'm Single (feat. Skales)
  • Put It In (feat. Wendy Shay)
  • Teleza (feat. Nandy)
  • You (feat. Guchi)
  • Big Ting (feat. Tommy Lee Sparta)
  • Cheza Ngoma (feat. Maud Elka)
  • Hello (feat. Iyanya)
  • Umeme
  • Kataa Kataa (feat. Denyque)
  • My Love, My Child
  • Kuu Kuu (feat. JZyNo)
  • Higher (feat. Alaine)
  • Isabella
  • Na na na (feat. Marioo)
  • Im single (feat. Skales)
  • Put It In (feat. Wendy Shay)
  • Teleza (feat. Nandy)
  • Big Ting (feat. Tommy Lee Sparta)
  • You (feat. Guchi)
  • Mixed Feelings (feat. Willy Paul)
  • Aheri Mama
  • Nimelewa (feat. Jux)
  • My Woman
  • I Love You (feat. Daphne)
  • Meremeta
  • Unusual (feat. Kelly Khumalo)
  • Poromoka
  • Competition (feat. Eddy Kenzo)
  • Ile Ile
  • Sorora (feat. Fik Fameica)
  • Ogopa Wasanii
  • Polisi
  • Nikupe
  • Ayaya
  • Thirty Bob (30 Bob)
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  • Tupewe Pombe
  • Diana
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  • Kitanzi
  • Missi
  • Tam Tam
  • Sijafika (feat. Size8)
  • Kitanzi (feat. Gloria Muliro)
  • Lala Salama (feat. Gloria Muliro)
  • You Never Know (feat. Gloria Muliro)
  • Mpenzi (feat. Gloria Muliro)
  • Rabuka (God) [feat. Gloria Muliro]
  • Sitolia (feat. Gloria Muliro)
  • Missi (feat. Gloria Muliro)