Rosemary Wahu Kagwi (born 22 March 1980), professionally known by her mononym Wahu, is a Kenyan singer-songwriter, former fashion model, actress and entrepreneur. She released her first single "Niangalie" which received positive reception all over Africa and the world at large. She is the inaugural recipient of the MTV Africa Music Awards 2008, for Best Female Artist category. Moreover, she has won the Pearl of Africa Music Awards, Chaguo La Teeniez Awards and Kisima Music Awards. In the acting industry, Wahu had a leading role in the television series Tazama.


Wahu is a former model and University of Nairobi student, graduating in mathematics. She started her musical career in 2000. Her first three singles were "Niangalie", "Esha" and "Liar". Wahu released her first major hit, "Sitishiki" around 2005. some of her music has been produced by the Ogopa DJ's. Wahu has entertained audiences alongside many Kenyan and African Artistes like Kleptomaniacs, Fally Ipupa, Nonini, Nameless, Wyre, Qqu, and P-Unit.
She is married to Nameless, another award-winning Kenyan musician. They have 2 daughters,one of who whom she dedicated her biggest hit to date "Sweet Love".

Awards and nominations


MTV Africa Music Awards 2008 - Best Female
2008 Pearl of Africa Music Awards - Best Female Artist (Kenya)
2008 CHAT Awards - Favourite Female Artiste
2008 Kisima Awards - Best Song ("Sweet Love") & Best Reggae Artiste/Group
2010 Tanzania music awards - Best Reggae Song ('Leo (Reggae remix)' with AY)


2006 Pearl of Africa Music Awards - Best Kenyan Female Artiste
MTV Africa Music Awards 2008 - Best Newcomer
2008 MOBO Awards - Best African Act
2008 Kora Awards - Best Artiste or Group from East Africa (not yet held)
2009 Tanzania Music Awards - Best East African Song ("Sweet Love")
2009 MTV Africa Music Awards - Best Video ("Little Things You Do" with Bobi Wine)
2009 Channel O Music Video Awards - Best African East & Best Ragga Dancehall Video ("Sweet Love")
2011 Tanzania Music Awards - Best Song and Best Collaboration Song ('Mkono Mmoja' with Chege & Temba)


Sifa na Heshima ni Zako Sifa na Heshima ni Zako - Wahu Kagwi

Nifanane Nawe Nifanane Nawe - Wahu Kagwi

My Everything My Everything - Wahu Kagwi

Yesu Ana Yesu Ana - Wahu Kagwi - Size 8

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