Andy Park is a musician, worship leader and author who is associated with Vineyard Music. He was born in 1957 in Los Angeles, California. He studied at UCLA, earning a bachelor of arts.

I See the Lord I See the Lord - Andy Park

May The Lord Bless You May The Lord Bless You - Andy Park

Your Ways Are Marvelous Your Ways Are Marvelous - Andy Park

Revive Us Again Revive Us Again - Andy Park

My Delight My Delight - Andy Park

Silent Night Alleluia Silent Night Alleluia - Andy Park

Yahweh Yahweh - Andy Park

Still Shining Still Shining - Andy Park

Take Our Lives Take Our Lives - Andy Park

Precious Cornerstone Precious Cornerstone - Andy Park

Carry Me Carry Me - Andy Park

Thank You, Lord Thank You, Lord - Andy Park

We Are Your Church We Are Your Church - Andy Park

My Father, My Friend My Father, My Friend - Andy Park

Heavenly Father Heavenly Father - Andy Park

Spirit of the Sovereign Lord Spirit of the Sovereign Lord - Andy Park

Psalm 100 Psalm 100 - Andy Park

Let Your Glory Fall Let Your Glory Fall - Andy Park

We Will Ride We Will Ride - Andy Park

You Are God You Are God - Andy Park

Come Reign Come Reign - Andy Park

Perfect Peace Perfect Peace - Andy Park

One Thing I Ask One Thing I Ask - Andy Park

Party In The House Party In The House - Andy Park

Un Sabor de los Cielos Un Sabor de los Cielos - Andy Park

Daniel 9 Daniel 9 - Andy Park

What Child is This What Child is This - Andy Park

Psalm of Thanks Psalm of Thanks - Andy Park

Joy to the World Joy to the World - Andy Park

Take Me Away Take Me Away - Andy Park

Precioso Hijo Precioso Hijo - Andy Park

How Priceless How Priceless - Andy Park

Warrior Warrior - Andy Park

Draw Me Close Draw Me Close - Andy Park

Your Grace Your Grace - Andy Park

Worthy Of All My Love Worthy Of All My Love - Andy Park

Children of the Light Children of the Light - Andy Park

My Father's Will My Father's Will - Andy Park

Wonder of it All Wonder of it All - Andy Park

In the Secret In the Secret - Andy Park

You Will Reign You Will Reign - Andy Park

Unshakable Unshakable - Andy Park

Be Exalted Be Exalted - Andy Park

Satisfied With You Satisfied With You - Andy Park

Yet I Will Praise Yet I Will Praise - Andy Park

More Love More Power More Love More Power - Andy Park

Blessed Be the Name Blessed Be the Name - Andy Park

Shout For Joy Shout For Joy - Andy Park

We Cry Holy We Cry Holy - Andy Park

Answer Us Answer Us - Andy Park

Who Is Like You? Who Is Like You? - Andy Park

Come Let Us Adore Him Come Let Us Adore Him - Andy Park

Only You Only You - Andy Park

We Exalt Your Name We Exalt Your Name - Andy Park

Precious Pearl Precious Pearl - Andy Park

Angels Angels - Andy Park

You Are My King You Are My King - Andy Park

A Taste of Heaven A Taste of Heaven - Andy Park

Friend of the Poor Friend of the Poor - Andy Park

Praise Our God Praise Our God - Andy Park

Changed By Your Glory Changed By Your Glory - Andy Park

One Holy Passion One Holy Passion - Andy Park

Beautiful To Me Beautiful To Me - Andy Park

Glory And Praise Glory And Praise - Andy Park

Come Let Us Bow Come Let Us Bow - Andy Park

The River Is Here The River Is Here - Andy Park

Isaiah VI Isaiah VI - Andy Park

The Wonder of it All The Wonder of it All - Andy Park

To Give My Life Away To Give My Life Away - Andy Park

Savior Of The World Savior Of The World - Andy Park

Lord You Are My Shepherd Lord You Are My Shepherd - Andy Park

All I Want All I Want - Andy Park

We Are Your Bride We Are Your Bride - Andy Park

Isaiah 40 Isaiah 40 - Andy Park

Like a Lily Like a Lily - Andy Park

Star of Wonder Star of Wonder - Andy Park

Let It Rain Let It Rain - Andy Park

Perfecta Paz Perfecta Paz - Andy Park

Messiah Messiah - Andy Park

Take Us Up To Heaven Take Us Up To Heaven - Andy Park

Comfort and Joy Comfort and Joy - Andy Park

Have Mercy On Me Have Mercy On Me - Andy Park

One Thing I Have Heard One Thing I Have Heard - Andy Park

Multiply Your Love Multiply Your Love - Andy Park

Holy Love Holy Love - Andy Park

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Albums & Songs

  • Wings of the Wind (feat. Stephen Toon)
  • Mystery of Christ
  • Sweet Deliverance
  • You Deliver Me (feat. Sarah)
  • Home with You
  • Healing River (feat. Travis Thuro)
  • Innocence (feat. Carly Reirson)
  • Bubble Up (feat. Loralee Thiessen)
  • I Need a Miracle (feat. Joelle Lush)
  • Our Oasis (feat. Julie Cameron-Hall)
  • God of All Grace (feat. Loralee Thiessen)
  • My Good Friend
  • Lavish
  • Our Love Will Overcome
  • Let Love Lead You
  • I Walk the Line for You
  • All of My Love
  • Peace River
  • Sailing Free
  • The Power is in the Kiss
  • A Good Friend
  • Head Over Heels
  • Walk in Your Love
  • Sailing Free
  • The Beauty of the Lord
  • Let Him Love You
  • Holy One of Israel
  • Love Divine
  • All in All
  • City of Light
  • Glory Be to the Father
  • Bring Your Healing Love
  • God Is Love
  • The Wonder of It All
  • Comfort & Joy
  • Still Shining
  • Star of Wonder
  • Come Let Us Adore Him
  • Joy to the World
  • Angels
  • What Child Is This
  • Silent Night Alleluia
  • Take Us Up to Heaven
  • We Will Follow
  • Never Stop
  • Breath of Heaven
  • My Portion
  • You Are Here
  • Healing Presence
  • Dancing In the Downpour
  • Empowered
  • Home of God
  • We Will Defend
  • This Is The Beginning
  • Breaking Blues
  • Theme Park
  • Planets
  • Catherine
  • The Way
  • Silver Bridge
  • I Think Too Much
  • Beautiful Impossible
  • True Love
  • Lava Lamp
  • My Heart Is Home
  • Unshakable
  • Revive Us Again
  • Savior of the World
  • Come Reign
  • You Are God
  • Precious Pearl
  • Worthy of All My Love
  • Carry Me
  • My Father My Friend
  • To Give My Life Away
  • May the Lord Bless You
  • Come and Follow Me
  • The River Is Here
  • Only You
  • Spirit of the Sovereign Lord
  • Precious Child
  • Blessed Be the Name
  • In the Secret
  • I See the Lord
  • Yahweh
  • Yet I Will Praise
  • Have Your Way In Me
  • Multiply Your Love
  • Night & Day
  • Strong Enough For Me
  • There is a River
  • Interlude
  • Yet I Will Praise
  • Life is a Precious Gift
  • Golden Revelation
  • Your Love Reached to the Heavens
  • Just Like a Child
  • He Showed Me Mercy
  • Mercy Enough
  • I Am Coming
  • All to You
  • Doxology