Richly armed with a warm spirit,a tender and thankful heart and a desire for everyone he comes in contact with to have the same experience.Solomon Lange, a prolific song writer,a passionate and anointed minister of the gospel in music.An artiste who's music is not only encouraging but inpsiring and motivating .Born

and raised up in the northern part of Nigeria(Kaduna State to be precise)to a christian parents John and Theresa Lange.Solomon Lange started singing at an early age,ever since, he has been transformed from one glory to another.He started his professional music career in January 1997 in Kaduna with the Kale visions music ministry,headed by the late Evangelist Dapo Kalejaiye with whom he ministered with all over Nigeria.After the passing away of four members of the ministry including the leader in a ghastly motor accident on their way to Yola for a ministration,Solomon Lange and other surviving members of the group started Zion Music Ministry in the year 2000.After being with the group for a while, in 2003, Solomon Lange left Zion Music Ministryto pursue a Solo career his long awaited dream.His life has been filled with changing seasons,almost all of them revolving around music and ministry.The release of the debut album titled "Na gode" marks the unfolding of still a new era in the life and career of one of Africa's most prolific music talents.

Na gode is amost notable for it's striking stylistic diversity.Thread of Modern R&B,Reggea,Traditional Gospel(African),Rock,Hip-Hop& Pop are all ingeniously woven together into a work that is cutting-edge contemporary but with a perfect touch of familiarity and tradition.Na gode is a collection of 9 songs they are unique,inspiring,inpactful ,arresting and irresistible catchy.

Grace Grace - Solomon Lange

Elohim Elohim - Solomon Lange

Dogara Dogara - Solomon Lange

You Have Done Me Well You Have Done Me Well - Solomon Lange

Zuchiya TA (My Heart) Zuchiya TA (My Heart) - Solomon Lange

God Of Miracles God Of Miracles - Solomon Lange

Yabo -  Praise | But We Trust in the Name of The Lord Yabo - Praise | But We Trust in the Name of The Lord - Solomon Lange

What Else Can I Say What Else Can I Say - Solomon Lange

My Offering My Offering - Solomon Lange

From my heart From my heart - Solomon Lange

Mai Taimako Na (My Helper) Mai Taimako Na (My Helper) - Solomon Lange

I Will Praise You I Will Praise You - Solomon Lange

Yahweh Yahweh - Solomon Lange

I wil praise you I wil praise you - Solomon Lange

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Albums & Songs

  • Mai Girma
  • Yesu Masoyi Na
  • Godiya
  • Oh Ya Yesu
  • God of Miracles
  • This Worship
  • Zuchiya Ta (My Heart) [feat. Sheena Lange]
  • Yahweh (feat. Prospa Ochimana)
  • Jesus Never Fails
  • Come to Worship
  • Hallelujah Spontaneous (feat. EBEN & Moses Bliss)
  • Melody Just Dey Flow (feat. Chioma Jesus)
  • You Are God
  • I Surrender
  • I Will Praise You
  • Mai Taimako Na (My Helper)
  • From My Heart
  • Messiah (feat. ESTHER OJI)
  • Only You Jesus
  • Sunan Ka (You Are the Lord)
  • You Have Done Me Well (Swahili)
  • You Reign
  • Father (feat. ESTHER OJI)
  • Mmamma
  • You Have Done Me Well (Naija) (feat. ESTHER OJI)
  • Kai Kadai
  • My Melody
  • Dogara
  • My Praise Belongs to You
  • Victory
  • Yahweh
  • No One
  • Wonderful Is Your Name
  • Onyeyemaka
  • Naka Ne
  • Elohim
  • Hallelujah
  • Chioma
  • Ka Isa
  • Holy Is the Lord
  • You Have Done Me Well
  • Join Me Praise
  • Holy
  • Abada
  • Alade Ewura
  • Grace
  • My Offering
  • Majesty (feat. Cynthia Kuzayet)
  • The Lord Is Good
  • You Are So Good
  • What Can I Say
  • Reason Why I Sing
  • You Are Worthy
  • Celebrate (feat. Garzah)
  • Ubangiji
  • Jesus Makes
  • Jehovah Reigns
  • Godiya
  • Imela
  • New Nigeria
  • I Believe in Dreams
  • Albarku
  • Calling Ma Name
  • Na Gode
  • Masoyina
  • Finally in Love
  • So Good
  • I Believe
  • Na Gode Pt. 2
  • I Believe in Dreams
  • Albarku
  • Calling Ma Name
  • Na Gode
  • Masoyina
  • Finally in Love
  • So Good
  • I Believe
  • Na Gode, Pt. 2
  • Not Ashamed
  • Godiya
  • Mai Grima
  • Imela
  • Yayi
  • What Else Can I Say (feat. Grandsun)
  • Jehovah Is Good
  • Like a Dream (feat. Gahzahr)
  • Glory to Your Name
  • Masoyina (feat. Tklex & Samfonii)
  • Hossana
  • Halelluyah
  • Oh Ya Yesu
  • Messiah
  • Do Me Well
  • Na You
  • Yesu (feat. Benjamin Lange)
  • God Is Good
  • Yabo
  • Almasihu
  • I Believe
  • Alheri
  • A Gareka Na Dogara (feat. Mista Seth)
  • Papa Jehova
  • Na Gode
  • Mai Ceto
  • Yesu Masoyina
  • Yahweh
  • What Else Can I Say (feat. Grandsun)
  • Praise Da Lord
  • Papa I Thank You
  • Imela
  • Godiya (feat. Buzu)
  • Alheri