Aaron Tyrese Cole (born February 28, 1999) is an American Christian hip hop recording artist and songwriter. He began his career at the age of four. He signed to Gotee Records, a record label founded by Christian hip hop performer Toby McKeehan. Cole is known the best for his songs "Right on Time" and "One More Day".

Early and personal life

Cole was raised in a musical family, where his dad had his own recording studio in their apartment. Around the time of his high school years, Cole discovered that music is his true vocation, and he wants to serve it as a professional rapper. "I remember in junior high just enjoying being a regular kid, but I would get picked on because I wasn't smoking, drinking or getting in trouble," says Cole. "One afternoon I came home and told my dad what was going on and why, and he shared that he thought I was called for a purpose and that this calling would cost me to not be like everyone else. It was that moment that I encountered God for the first time for myself, and I knew I was born to do this and began writing and putting my own songs together." Cole currently resides in Bristol, VA

Music career

Cole began his career at the age of four. One day, his father wrote him a song called "Jesus is the Rock". It was also the title of his first CD, released in July 2003. Throughout his career he bridged the gap between rapping and singing. He has since released a total of six independent projects. He has featured on songs by Hollyn and DJ Maj. In 2016, Cole was inducted into Christian Hip Hop's top media outlet Rapzilla's Freshman Class and noted by Essence Magazine as one of 16 gospel artists to watch. Cole signed to Gotee Records in 2017.



4th Period (2012)
Not By Chance (2019)


Fifteen Is the New XV (2014)
If I Can Be Honest (2016)
Virginia Boy (2018)
The Other Side (2018)
AOTY (2020)

I'm So Blessed I'm So Blessed - CAIN - Aaron Cole

Can't Choose A Side Can't Choose A Side - Aaron Cole

Slow Down Slow Down - Aaron Cole

Why Why - Aaron Cole

Down Like That Down Like That - Aaron Cole - Koryn Hawthorne

Pray Pray - Aaron Cole

Try Again Try Again - Aaron Cole

Above Me Above Me - Aaron Cole

Disappointed Disappointed - Aaron Cole

84 84 - Aaron Cole

Front Row Front Row - Aaron Cole

Bristol Lights Bristol Lights - Aaron Cole

Starts With Me Starts With Me - TobyMac - Aaron Cole

Miracle Miracle - Aaron Cole

Glory Glory - Aaron Cole

Forever Grateful Forever Grateful - Aaron Cole

Fasho Fasho - Aaron Cole

Do Me Do Me - Aaron Cole

Like You Like You - Aaron Cole - Tauren Wells - TobyMac

For The Love of God For The Love of God - Aaron Cole

My Year My Year - Aaron Cole

Yours To Use Yours To Use - Aaron Cole

Say It Say It - Aaron Cole

There For Me There For Me - Aaron Cole

One More Day One More Day - Aaron Cole

Off My Back Off My Back - Aaron Cole

Cole (Intro) Cole (Intro) - Aaron Cole

Handmade Handmade - Aaron Cole

Underdog Underdog - Aaron Cole

Only You Only You - Aaron Cole - Terrian

15 15 - Aaron Cole

Got No Choice Got No Choice - Aaron Cole

Virginia Boy Virginia Boy - Aaron Cole

Chances Chances - Aaron Cole

Proud Proud - Aaron Cole

Right On Time Right On Time - Aaron Cole - TobyMac

Cooke Cooke - Aaron Cole

Patient With Me Patient With Me - Aaron Cole

Hands Hands - Aaron Cole

Nothing To Something Nothing To Something - Aaron Cole

Watching Watching - Aaron Cole

Cole Cole - Aaron Cole

Rip It Up Rip It Up - Aaron Cole

Water 4 Me Water 4 Me - Aaron Cole

Made It Safe Made It Safe - Aaron Cole

Cassius Clay Cassius Clay - Aaron Cole

Pacman Pacman - Aaron Cole

Mad! Mad! - Aaron Cole

Exclusive Exclusive - Aaron Cole

Leave Me Leave Me - Aaron Cole

Don't Cry Don't Cry - Aaron Cole

Pressure Pressure - Aaron Cole

Making History Making History - Aaron Cole

Parachute Parachute - Aaron Cole

Shouldn't Be Here Shouldn't Be Here - Aaron Cole

And 1 And 1 - Aaron Cole

Allegiance Allegiance - Aaron Cole

Can't Tell Me Nuthin Can't Tell Me Nuthin - Aaron Cole

What If What If - Aaron Cole

Contradiction Contradiction - Aaron Cole

Yo Handz Yo Handz - Aaron Cole

1994 1994 - Aaron Cole

Weapon Weapon - Aaron Cole

Say It Say It - Jordan Feliz - Aaron Cole

Steady Me Steady Me - Aaron Cole

Do What I Gotta Do Do What I Gotta Do - Aaron Cole

Back Then Back Then - Elevation Rhythm - Aaron Cole

Everything And More Everything And More - Aaron Cole

See You Win See You Win - Aaron Cole

World Series World Series - Aaron Cole

Ain't Got To Love Me Ain't Got To Love Me - Aaron Cole

Choose You Choose You - Aaron Cole

Together Together - Aaron Cole

Mama Said Mama Said - Aaron Cole

Up Up - Aaron Cole

Flashback Flashback - Aaron Cole

Love Don't Cost A Thing Love Don't Cost A Thing - Aaron Cole

Time Square Time Square - Aaron Cole

Can't Relate Can't Relate - Aaron Cole

Down Like That Down Like That - Aaron Cole

Bristol Freestyle Bristol Freestyle - Aaron Cole

Right On Time Right On Time - Aaron Cole - TobyMac

ONLY U ONLY U - Aaron Cole

Hard Times Hard Times - Aaron Cole

Greed Money Power Greed Money Power - Aaron Cole

Motions Motions - Aaron Cole

Hold Me Close Hold Me Close - Aaron Cole

Einstein Einstein - Aaron Cole

Maybe Maybe - Aaron Cole


Promised Land Promised Land - Aaron Cole

No Strings No Strings - Aaron Cole

Not By Chance Not By Chance - Aaron Cole

Facts Facts - Aaron Cole

Photos Photos - Aaron Cole

Say Less Say Less - Aaron Cole

4th Period 4th Period - Aaron Cole

Intro Intro - Aaron Cole

YCHMB YCHMB - Aaron Cole

Who You Are Who You Are - Aaron Cole

Tables Turned Tables Turned - Aaron Cole

Back In My Bag Back In My Bag - Aaron Cole

Back Then Back Then - Elevation Rhythm - Aaron Cole

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Albums & Songs

  • WEAPON (feat. Kenyon Dixon)
  • ABOVE ME (feat. Parris Chariz)
  • LEAVE ME (feat. J Moss)
  • 84 (feat. Julissa Leilani)
  • ONLY U
  • You 'N I (feat. Kaleb Mitchell, Troop Brand & Ahnty)
  • Thank You (feat. Wande, Tokyo.Extra0rdinaire, Parris Chariz, DJ Mykael V & Dj4:12)
  • WHY
  • Einstein
  • Can't Relate (feat. Th3 Saga & Kaleb Mitchell)
  • One More Day
  • Handmade
  • Parachute (feat. Nobigdyl.)
  • And 1
  • Proud
  • Virginia Boy
  • Cole - Intro (feat. Th3 Saga)
  • Can't Tell Me Nuthin
  • Disappointed
  • Do What I Gotta Do (feat. Derek Minor)
  • Shouldn't Be Here
  • Got No Choice (feat. Kaleb Mitchell & Alic Walls)
  • 15
  • Living Life
  • Shipwreck (feat. Whitney Pete & C.P.)
  • Do Me
  • No Limits
  • Good Day (feat. Cire)
  • Forever
  • 4th Period
  • With Christ
  • Soldier
  • Alien
  • Dont Give Up (feat. Whitney Pete)
  • Lord I Need You (feat. CP)
  • Trendsetter
  • Forecast
  • God's Awesome
  • God's Still Awesome (feat. Freedom)
  • Welcome Home
  • Outro