Aaron Cole - Bristol Freestyle Lyrics

Bristol Freestyle Lyrics

You already know what's going on
Look, ayy

I don't really say a lot to keep it real
But therapy been tellin' me I gotta feel
Usually, I only care about the raps, uh
And how I'm gon' put Bristol on the map, yeah
James Franklin, they gotta respect my pen state
They don't get the message but I swear the point been blank
Yeah, I been told 'em to get they dreams
I been told 'em put God first by any means
But they don't see me, they came up believing, that they could keep cheating
Want it handed, I don't understand it, exposed like it's Janet, uh
We be in a different species, I'm in an elite from handin' out CD's
To stadium seats B, y'all cannot be me, yeah (Uh)
But y'all steady whinin' like CeCe
You talking top five, then it's me that you better CC, uh
I ain't lettin' up, treating y'all like Mary, B.C
'Cause far as room, ain't none of y'all gettin' a inkling
No man is too high to fall and lose it all
You on top one day, the next you end up Quincy McCall
People want the platform when they heart is boo boo
I skate my competition every time I drop my new-new
This industry pool a wild game and Cole can't get got
Never thought I'd get blackballed for taking my shot
They messed up lettin' this hip hop dude on the radio
A pop star but I'm still barrin' with the greatest though
Yes, yes y'all, and it don't stop
I'm really 'bout to flip but I pray that I don't flop
My pops bought two cribs in the city, yeah, that's real money
I run with millionaires, this year I'm goin' real dummy
Never relaxing, even if I'm at thirty thousand feet
I'm stayin' in my seat, you ain't gon' Rosa me, uh
Maya Angelou with this poetry
They love you but forget you when you hurt, no Derrick Rosing me
I wanna drop like 150 new songs and call the whole thing the new Psalms
Got gruesome when I grew some
I mean you win some and you lose some
At this point I'm too numb
Seem like everybody I look up to is lukewarm, uh, look
Really I don't wanna see the morning
Waking up to my uncle drinking 40s
Passed away and he was barely out his fourties
He ain't make a lot of shows but I know that he support me
P said, "I'm takin' it too easy on dudes"
I mean I guess I didn't think I had nothin' to prove
I mean I thought y'all knew when I was seventeen
Doing movies with Danielle
Ask the last person when they doubted me, did it end well?
Michael Blackson the way I'm blacking on 'em, uh
Carlton Banks the way I'm snapping on 'em
No competitors, I'm headed towards seven floors
Using all my hurt to give praise with metaphors and similes
Always been a dog, always been a different breed, yeah
Ever since a youngin me and God had chemistry
I seen it true, He never failed
When I seen my granddad breathe
So when I'm tellin' y'all to trust in Him
Man that's something I believe, yeah
Forever two up, two down
276 and 757 been the crew, wow
I got the team, ain't gotta figure out who down
It's new relationships, but never new friends, uh
I been duckin' my pain no Donald
Y'all version of pain's a unfollow
Been told y'all 'bout the super 8s and red roofs
But the real battles when you alone in ya bedroom
The greatest thing I can give is myself
I learned to never be stingy way before I was twelve
And I ain't gotta have the bread to acquire the wealth
I learned a lot of life lessons without Harvard or Yale, do tell
I let my proof do the talkin', I'm in a newer phase
They always said numbers don't lie and then they found a way
My family in the Bahamas to see me rip the stage
I'm old enough to know that's God's work
And I owe Him everything
I owe Him everything

Should I tell them?
Should I tell them?
Album coming soon
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