Nyimbo za sifa stands for Praise songs in swahili. Swahili praise songs or sifa music is fast in tempo and dancing. List of popular swahilli gospel sifa music and top lyrics in Kenya and across Africa generally. Sifa is the swahili word for praise. In most african Churches, sifa songs are sung after "nyimbo za kuabudu", they usually mark the climax of praise and worship in fellowships.

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Bwana ni Nguvu yangu

Lyrics & Video for Bwana ni Nguvu yangu by Unknown

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Eeh Baba ee Baba Pokea Sifa

Lyrics & Video for Eeh Baba ee Baba Pokea Sifa by Solly Mahlangu

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Futa Machozi

Lyrics & Video for Futa Machozi by Solomon Mukubwa

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Hakuna Kama Wewe

Lyrics & Video for Hakuna Kama Wewe by Kathy Praise

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Hakuna Silaha

Lyrics & Video for Hakuna Silaha by Sarah Kiarie

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Hakuna wa kufanana na Yesu

Lyrics & Video for Hakuna wa kufanana na Yesu by Dan Em

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