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The Word in Music From Scripture

Welcome to Sifa Lyrics Praise and Worship Community, read the Bible and find Christian songs relating to parts of Scripture verses. Learn how to sing the words of popular and your favourite gospel Songs through lyrics and video. To help you connect the words of a song to the Bible we have include The Bible in SifaLyrics. Popular swahili worship songs in East Africa Nyimbo za ku-abudu and common African praises Nyimbo za sifa songs collection. For Swahili have also Biblia Takatifu to boost praise and worship( sifa na kuabudu) in swahili. God demands for those who will worship Him in truth and spirit John 4:24, Yohana 4:24, Help this site grow by registering as a member: Join Community, and contributing through submitting lyrics and sharing Christian inspirational articles here will be highly appreciated.

Praise and Worship Gospel Songs Lyrics Christian Music En Lyrics

The English category is composed of all Christian Songs Genres sung in English. The primary ones being worship and praise music. Other classes of English Songs are Country Gospel, contemporary Christian music and Urban Worship Songs. It is our Hope that through this most spoken language, we may be able to minister the Gospel of Christ through the Word and Inspiring Worship and praise Songs.

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Contemporary Gospel Music - Modern Christian Songs Lyrics

Contemporary Christian music began in 1960's in America, it basically refers the present kind of Music. Contemporary songs are usually informative and inspirational, in the secular world it is the most popular entertainment listened to. This category of genre may be referred to pop or rap music by the youth generation. We verify the kind of modern music entered or submitted to our database to ensure they edify God.

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Praise Gospel Music - Fast Popular Songs Lyrics

In praise gospel music section, you will find a list of praise songs lyrics that give thanks and honor to God. Sifa lyrics gospel praise contains black gospel praise songs from Africa, western Christian praise and other popular and best gospel music of all time. Praise songs may also come under Contemporary Christian Music, however in the spiritual realms. it is crucial for a Christian to understand: What is praise? Praise is an act is appreciating the greatness of God, in the Bible several verses mention about praise. Praise can be associated with thanksgiving and admiration of the glory of God. God has been glorified as Elohim, El Shaddai, Adonai and Jehovah. Check our Bible page for More about praise in the scripture. Check in frequently for of top gospel songs lyrics and the latest praise songs updated frequently.

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Swahili Gospel Songs Lyrics

Worship and praise songs lyrics in swahili from East africa and beyond. Swahili gospel songs in Sifa Lyrics have been classified in sifa(praise), tenzi(hymns) and kuabudu(worship). List of praise and worship below, Swahili is the most spoken language in Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and some parts of Uganda. So we have nyimbo za kuabudu(songs of worship), nyimbo za sifa(songs of praise) and tenzi za rohoni(hymns). Common terms include: twakusifu, twakuinua, twakuheshimu, pokea sifa, simba wa yuda.

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Nyimbo za sifa - Swahili Praise Songs Lyrics

Nyimbo za sifa stands for Praise songs in swahili. Swahili praise songs or sifa music is fast in tempo and dancing. List of popular swahilli gospel sifa music and top lyrics in Kenya and across Africa generally. Sifa is the swahili word for praise. In most african Churches, sifa songs are sung after "nyimbo za kuabudu", they usually mark the climax of praise and worship in fellowships.

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Swahili worship Songs - Nyimbo za kuabudu Lyrics

kuabudu refers to swahili worship songs. Here you will find a collection of holy gospel songs of worship sung in kiswahili. Get the full lyrics of nyimbo za kuabudu, watch video and listen to ibada songs #IbadaTakatifu. Katika kuabudu tunaonyesha mwenyezi Mungu kuwa tunamuheshimu, na kumtukuza mwenye enzi zote. Kuabudu ni zaidi ya uimbaji, unaweza kumwabudu na kumpa sifa mwenyezi wakati wowote. Tunapoishi maisha ya kumpendeza Mungu na kuandamana na neno lake. Katika sala Yesu Kristo ametufunza tuwe wanyenyekevu mbele za Mungu, ibada yetu inafaa iwe takatifu mbele za Mungu.

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African Gospel Music in Africa Lyrics

African Gospel Songs category in sifa lyrics covers the most popular music common in most countries of Africa. This songs have been sung in most churches, and have developed a large fan base. They are mainly songs of praise and worship. South Africa and Nigeria having the leading international gospel musicians with popular gospel songs that come top in gospel songs playlists break down. But importantly the worship and praise be done for the Glory of God and uplift souls to Christ. In contemporary culture black gospel has adopted the African american mode of Music. List of top, popular and latest african gospel hits

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Inspiring Christian Worship Songs Lyrics

Best inspiring worship songs lyrics listed in sifa lyrics, full lyrics for each worship music provided. What is worship? How do we worship? Questions Christians ask. Worship goes beyond praise, worship is total submission and reverence to God. Only God can be worshiped, contrary to that will be idolatry. Worship music often bring Christians to the point of prayer. In worship we lay out our hearts before God, allowing Him to speak to us and letting his will in our lives. Worship is the same as kuabudu in swahii. In Africa, most worship songs are composed of repetitive short lyrical words, western style adopt more of hymn style in their worship music. The Bible Warns against against worshiping created things, which is common in this current generation.

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Hymns - common Christian hymns Lyrics

Hymns refer to popular (mainly non-denominational) written songs, hymns are the earliest genre of Christian musIc used in worship. Unlike other genres which may fade over time, some hymns have stood centuries after the writers passed away. Hymnals commonly draw verses from scripture when being composed or at least have a message directly from the Bible. Hymns serve to inspire and elevate the Christian relationship as other worship songs do.

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Tenzi za rohoni - swahili hymns Lyrics

Tenzi is the swahili version for hymns. The popular book used in swahili hymns is Tenzi za rohoni. Most hymns in tenzi za rohoni have been translated from English or have an equivalent version. Hymns compose a basic part of worship in Anglican, Presbyterian among Churches. In swahili though, their are lesser number of tenzi(hymns) available.

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Country Gospel Music Lyrics

Christian Country music started as a combination cowboys and plantations music many generations ago. Themes in country music tend to focus on human relationship with God. Like all the other genres, positive Christian worship can be used in worshiping and praising God. Another close genre is Christian Reggae Gospel, a Jamaican style of music.

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Urban Christian Music Lyrics

Urban Christian music look at the current and recent music releases. uploaded lyrics of songs that run relate to the modern society and culture of Christians today. Urban gospel songs relate with to the modern culture and trends. Urban songs in sifa lyrics collection are mostly sung in English with a few in Swahili.

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Gospel Reggae Music Lyrics

Gospel reggae songs traces its root from Jamaica. The earlier genre of reggae songs are RockSteady, Gospel reggae music is considered a royal music genre since reggae comes from a latin word "regi" meaning to the king. From Jamaica Gospel Reggae music has been adopted and sung by various countries world wide especially African countries.

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Children songs for Sunday school kids Lyrics

Top & popular songs for Children sung in English and Swahili. Help your Kids learn this songs containing Biblical messages. Enjoy the lyrics video plus notes, after all we are all children of God.

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