Christina Shusho - Akutendee Nini Lyrics

Akutendee Nini Lyrics

Wataka akutendee nini?
Akutendee nini wewe,
Wataka akutende nini?
Akutende nini wewe,

"Neno moja nalitaka kwa Bwana nalo ni hili
nikae nyumbani mwake siku zote za maisha yangu"
Gala lake limejaa hakuna anayepunguza hata robo
Akutende nini wewe?
Wengine wataka kuwa raisi wa nchi
Wengine wataka ubunge
Akutendee nini wewe?
Mwengine ombi lake apate shamba
Huyu mume na huyu mke
Wataka akutendee nini wewe?
Mama huyu ombi lake apte mtoto
Mwengine apate elimu
Wataka akutende nini wewe?

Wataka akutendee nini?
Akutendee nini wewe,
Wataka akutende nini?
Akutende nini wewe,

Nakumbuka mgonjwa birikani
miaka thelathini na nane alikuwa hajiwezi yeye
Yesu akatetembelea birika lile
Akamwona mgonjwa yule
Mara akaanza sababu zake
"Malaika akifika akitubua maji
mimi huwa wa mwisho"
Yesu akasema neno moja
jitwike godoro lako na uende
Mara akawa mzima mzima

Wataka akutendee nini?
Akutendee nini wewe,
Wataka akutende nini?
Akutende nini wewe,

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Akutendee Nini Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

Akutendee Nini, a Swahili worship song by Christina Shusho, is a powerful expression of faith and trust in God's plan for our lives. The song resonates with believers who seek guidance, provision, and miracles in their journey of faith.

1. The Inspiration Behind Akutendee Nini:
Christina Shusho, a talented Kenyan gospel artist, wrote and composed Akutendee Nini as a personal testimony and message of encouragement to fellow believers. The song originated from her deep desire to surrender her life and plans completely to God. Through her own experiences, she wanted to inspire others to trust in God's divine intervention, even in the face of challenges and uncertainty.

2. Understanding the Meaning of Akutendee Nini:
Akutendee Nini translates to "What Can He Do for You?" in English. The lyrics of the song pose this question in a reflective manner, encouraging listeners to ponder their own desires and needs in relation to God's ability to provide and work miracles. The song reminds us that God is capable of meeting our every need and fulfilling our heart's desires, according to His perfect plan.

3. Trusting in God's Provision:
One of the central themes in Akutendee Nini is trusting in God's provision. The lyrics highlight the various desires and aspirations people may have, such as wanting to become a leader, owning land, or having a child. However, the song gently encourages listeners to place their trust in God's timing and plan, acknowledging that His ways are higher than ours.

4. Biblical References:
The lyrics of Akutendee Nini align with several Bible verses that emphasize the importance of trusting in God's provision and seeking His will in our lives. Here are a few relevant references:

- Psalm 37:4: "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart." This verse reminds us that when we prioritize our relationship with God and align our desires with His will, He will fulfill the desires of our hearts.

- Matthew 6:33: "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." This verse encourages believers to prioritize seeking God's kingdom and righteousness above all else, trusting that He will provide for their needs.

- Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." This verse assures us that God has a perfect plan for our lives, filled with goodness and hope. It encourages us to trust in His timing and purposes.

5. Testimonies of God's Faithfulness:
Akutendee Nini also serves as a testimony to God's faithfulness in the lives of believers. The song reminds listeners of the countless miracles and blessings God has performed throughout history, both in the Bible and in the lives of individuals. By reflecting on these testimonies, we are encouraged to trust in God's power to intervene in our own circumstances.

6. The Power of Surrender:
Another key message in Akutendee Nini is the power of surrendering our plans and desires to God. The lyrics emphasize the importance of seeking God's will above our own, recognizing that His plans are far greater and more significant than anything we could ever imagine. Surrendering to God's will allows us to experience His perfect provision and blessings.

7. Finding Hope in God's Promises:
Throughout the song, Akutendee Nini offers hope to those who may be struggling or feeling discouraged. By reminding listeners of God's promises and His faithfulness to fulfill them, the song encourages us to hold onto hope and trust that God's plans for our lives are ultimately for our good.

Akutendee Nini by Christina Shusho is a worship song that resonates with believers who seek guidance, provision, and miracles in their journey of faith. The song's lyrics reflect the importance of trusting in God's provision, surrendering our plans to Him, and finding hope in His promises. Through its powerful message, Akutendee Nini encourages believers to place their trust in God's perfect plan, knowing that He is capable of fulfilling their every need. As we reflect on the lyrics of this song, may we be inspired to deepen our faith and trust in God's unwavering love and faithfulness. Akutendee Nini Lyrics -  Christina Shusho

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