Hata Hili Litapita

Nitayainua macho yangu nitazame milima 
Msaada wangu utatoka wapi? 
Msaada wangu ni katika wewe 
Usiyeacha nipotee chini msalaba wako  .

Hata hili litapita 
Kama yale yalivyopita 
Chini ya msalaba wako  .

Chini ya uvuli wako najisitiri 
Mbali na hata shida za maisha 
Nifunike na pendo lako 
Chini ya msalaba wako  .

Translation Swahili to English
I look up to the mountains,
Where does my help come from?
My help is in You,
You who never let me go astray,
Beneath Your cross.. .

Even this will pass,
As the other ones passed,
Beneath Your cross,                  
There's help.. .

Beneath the shadow of Your wings,
I cover up myself,
Away from suffering and troubles of life,
Cover me by Your love,
Beneath Your cross


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