Contemporary Christian music began in 1960's in America, it basically refers the present kind of Music. Contemporary songs are usually informative and inspirational, in the secular world it is the most popular entertainment listened to. This category of genre may be referred to pop or rap music by the youth generation. We verify the kind of modern music entered or submitted to our database to ensure they edify God. Recommended View Also:

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American Dream American Dream - Casting Crowns

Praise Looks Good On You Praise Looks Good On You - Don Moen

Help You Find Your Way Help You Find Your Way - Michael W. Smith

I'll Be Around I'll Be Around - Michael W. Smith

Soldier Soldier - Hillsong United

The Last Letter The Last Letter - Michael W. Smith

Wired For Sound Wired For Sound - Michael W. Smith

Do What I Say Do What I Say - Hillsong United

We Lift Our Hands We Lift Our Hands - Kirk Franklin

Color Blind Color Blind - Michael W. Smith

Purified Purified - Michael W. Smith

Just Let Me Say Just Let Me Say - Hillsong United

Joyful, Joyful Joyful, Joyful - Casting Crowns

Prodigal Prodigal - Casting Crowns

The Famous One The Famous One - Chris Tomlin

This Kingdom This Kingdom - Hillsong United

Declaration (This Is It) Declaration (This Is It) - Kirk Franklin

Only You Only You - Hillsong United

Shout Of The King Shout Of The King - Hillsong United

Cross Of Gold Cross Of Gold - Michael W. Smith

Live The Life Live The Life - Michael W. Smith

All Bow Down All Bow Down - Chris Tomlin

Brokenhearted (Reprise) Brokenhearted (Reprise) - Kirk Franklin

Smile Again Smile Again - Kirk Franklin

You Are Holy You Are Holy - Hillsong United

Set Me Free Set Me Free - Casting Crowns

Signs Signs - Michael W. Smith

Silver And Gold Silver And Gold - Kirk Franklin

Call On The Lord Call On The Lord - Kirk Franklin

You All I Need You All I Need - Hillsong United

Picture Perfect Picture Perfect - Michael W. Smith

I Wanna Tell The World I Wanna Tell The World - Michael W. Smith

I Love You Jesus I Love You Jesus - Kirk Franklin

I Am Sure I Am Sure - Michael W. Smith

Most High Most High - Hillsong United

Let Me Touch You To See If You Are Real Let Me Touch You To See If You Are Real - Kirk Franklin

Raise Up The Crown Raise Up The Crown - Chris Tomlin

Interlude: The Car (Stomp) Interlude: The Car (Stomp) - Kirk Franklin

I Am God I Am God - Kirk Franklin

You Are My King You Are My King - Chris Tomlin

Hide Me Hide Me - Kirk Franklin

Free Free - Hillsong United

Unconditional Unconditional - Kirk Franklin

Not To Us Not To Us - Chris Tomlin

Like You Like You - Joe Cirafici

Glow Glow - Hillsong Worship

Fade Away Fade Away - Passion

After Me After Me - Mack Brock

Echo Echo - Elevation Worship

Start Right Here Start Right Here - Casting Crowns