Why God

Why God Lyrics

Why God do people have to die
A daughter or a son
Sudden and so young
Long before their time
Why God do people fall apart
A promise and a ring
Becomes a broken thing
A road that got too hard .

I don’t understand
But I understand .

Why God I need You
It’s why God I run to Your arms 
Over and over again
It’s why God I cling to
Your love and hold on for dear life
And I find
You are right
By my side .

Why God do we feel so alone
Every single day
Fighting through the pain
Hoping there is hope .

I don’t understand
But I understand .


Give me a faith stronger than I have
I need to know when it hurts this bad
That You hold my heart when it breaks
And I’m not alone in this pain .


Always right by side
Even here in the why God

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