Contemporary Christian music began in 1960's in America, it basically refers the present kind of Music. Contemporary songs are usually informative and inspirational, in the secular world it is the most popular entertainment listened to. This category of genre may be referred to pop or rap music by the youth generation. We verify the kind of modern music entered or submitted to our database to ensure they edify God. Recommended View Also:

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Outro (The Blood) Outro (The Blood) - Kirk Franklin

Captured Captured - Chris Tomlin

Undignified Undignified - Chris Tomlin

No Fear No Fear - Hillsong United

So You Would Come So You Would Come - Hillsong United

Your Unfailing Love Your Unfailing Love - Hillsong United

Completely Overwhelmed Completely Overwhelmed - Here Be Lions

Unchanging Unchanging - Chris Tomlin

Two Hands One Heart Two Hands One Heart - Don Moen

Ancient Of Days Ancient Of Days - Hillsong United

My Heart Sings Praises My Heart Sings Praises - Hillsong United

You Stand Alone You Stand Alone - Hillsong United

Keep Falling In Love Keep Falling In Love - Hillsong United

Forever We Will Sing Forever We Will Sing - Michael W. Smith

Jesus Hold Me Now Jesus Hold Me Now - Casting Crowns

Emptiness - You Take Emptiness Away Emptiness - You Take Emptiness Away - United Pursuit

With All I Am With All I Am - Hillsong United

Holy Spirit Rain Down Holy Spirit Rain Down - Hillsong United

Since Jesus Came Since Jesus Came - Kirk Franklin

Breakdown Breakdown - Michael W. Smith

Help You Find Your Way Help You Find Your Way - Michael W. Smith

Try Me Try Me - Kirk Franklin

Wonderful, Magnificent God Wonderful, Magnificent God - Don Moen

The Last Letter The Last Letter - Michael W. Smith

Missing Person Missing Person - Michael W. Smith

Mercy Seat Mercy Seat - Hillsong United

Do What I Say Do What I Say - Hillsong United

Through It All Through It All - Hillsong United

I Know I Know - Michael W. Smith

Kiss Of Heaven Kiss Of Heaven - Hillsong United

Live The Life Live The Life - Michael W. Smith

I'll Be Satisfied I'll Be Satisfied - Kirk Franklin

I'll Lead You Home I'll Lead You Home - Michael W. Smith

Could He Be The Messiah Could He Be The Messiah - Michael W. Smith

Call On The Lord Call On The Lord - Kirk Franklin

Lookin' Out For Me Lookin' Out For Me - Kirk Franklin

You All I Need You All I Need - Hillsong United

I Love You Jesus I Love You Jesus - Kirk Franklin

I Live For You I Live For You - Hillsong United

I Am God I Am God - Kirk Franklin

The Noise We Make The Noise We Make - Chris Tomlin

You Said You Said - Hillsong United

Beautiful Exchange & Divine Exchange Beautiful Exchange & Divine Exchange - Hillsong United

I Simply Live For You I Simply Live For You - Highlands Worship

Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty - Phil Wickham

Isaiah 43 - says the Lord your Maker Isaiah 43 - says the Lord your Maker - Hillsong United

Power Of Your Love Power Of Your Love - Don Moen

Now That You're Near Now That You're Near - Hillsong United

More Than More Than - Hillsong United

Angel Of The Lord Angel Of The Lord - Hillsong United