Contemporary Christian music began in 1960's in America, it basically refers the present kind of Music. Contemporary songs are usually informative and inspirational, in the secular world it is the most popular entertainment listened to. This category of genre may be referred to pop or rap music by the youth generation. We verify the kind of modern music entered or submitted to our database to ensure they edify God. Recommended View Also:

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Voices Voices - Michael W. Smith

The Happiest Christmas The Happiest Christmas - Michael W. Smith

Everyday Everyday - Hillsong United

Lamb Of God Lamb Of God - Chris Tomlin

I Believe In You Now I Believe In You Now - Michael W. Smith

Outro (The Blood) Outro (The Blood) - Kirk Franklin

All For Love All For Love - Hillsong United

On Our Side On Our Side - Chris Tomlin

Free To Dance Free To Dance - Hillsong United

Angels Angels - Hillsong United

Come Home Running Come Home Running - Chris Tomlin

Exceeding Joy Exceeding Joy - Hillsong United

Salvation Is Here Salvation Is Here - Hillsong United

More More - Hillsong United

Beautiful One Beautiful One - Chris Tomlin

Child In The Manger (Medley) Child In The Manger (Medley) - Michael W. Smith

Home Home - Hillsong United

Jesus Hold Me Now Jesus Hold Me Now - Casting Crowns

Yours Alone Yours Alone - Phil Wickham

Fly To The Moon Fly To The Moon - Michael W. Smith

I Told The Storm I Told The Storm - Kirk Franklin

Soldier Soldier - Hillsong United

Missing Person Missing Person - Michael W. Smith

If The Devil Was A Man If The Devil Was A Man - Chris Tomlin

Do What I Say Do What I Say - Hillsong United

Let The Peace Of God Reign Let The Peace Of God Reign - Hillsong United

All Things Are Possible All Things Are Possible - Hillsong United

Pursuit Of The Dream Pursuit Of The Dream - Michael W. Smith

Did You Hear The Mountains Tremble? Did You Hear The Mountains Tremble? - Hillsong United

Let Me Show You The Way Let Me Show You The Way - Michael W. Smith

You Are Holy You Are Holy - Hillsong United

I Am God I Am God - Kirk Franklin

Unconditional Unconditional - Kirk Franklin

Awesome In This Place Awesome In This Place - Hillsong United

Reaching Reaching - Joe Cirafici

The Stand The Stand - Hillsong United

Glory Glory - Hillsong United

More Than More Than - Hillsong United

Breath On Me Breath On Me - Hillsong United

For All You've Done For All You've Done - Hillsong United

I Can I Can - Kirk Franklin

I Feel Like I'm Falling I Feel Like I'm Falling - Hillsong United

Angel Of The Lord Angel Of The Lord - Hillsong United

Knocking On The Door Knocking On The Door - Hillsong United

To The Ends Of The Earth To The Ends Of The Earth - Hillsong United

I Know Youre Name I Know Youre Name - Michael W. Smith

Que Te Han Visto Llorar Que Te Han Visto Llorar - Hillsong United

To You To You - Hillsong United

Saving Grace Saving Grace - Hillsong United

Open Up The Heavens Open Up The Heavens - Hillsong United