Riley Clemmons - Hold On Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Hold On
  • Album: Riley Clemmons
  • Artist: Riley Clemmons
  • Released On: 03 Aug 2018
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Riley Clemmons Hold On

Hold On Lyrics

Never wanna feel like I did back then
Sitting on the floor as the walls closed in
Running out of breath, suffocating
Get me out
Get me out
Oh, giving up was making a mess of me
It took me falling down to get on my feet
Running out of hope, you made me believe
In me now
In me now
I found my faith dancing through fire
By the grace of God, I’m a survivor
The voices telling me quit, they’re only liars
Only liars
Hold on
When the rope you’ve been holding is down to a thread
Hold on
To the air in your lungs when you’ve got nothing left
And when your legs start to stumble
Run to the light in the tunnel
The victory’s worth all the struggle
So hold on
Never thought I’d get to a silver lining
Now I’m waking up to a sun that’s shining
We all got something inside that’s worth
Fighting for
Fighting for

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