Contemporary Christian music began in 1960's in America, it basically refers the present kind of Music. Contemporary songs are usually informative and inspirational, in the secular world it is the most popular entertainment listened to. This category of genre may be referred to pop or rap music by the youth generation. We verify the kind of modern music entered or submitted to our database to ensure they edify God. Recommended View Also:

All English Genres

Made Me Glad Made Me Glad - Hillsong United

Glorious Glorious - Hillsong United

In Love With You In Love With You - Chris Tomlin

Lay Our Crowns Lay Our Crowns - Hillsong United

Lord Of All Lord Of All - Hillsong United

My Heart Sings Praises My Heart Sings Praises - Hillsong United

Evermore Evermore - Hillsong United

Jesus, Our Lord Jesus Jesus, Our Lord Jesus - Hillsong United

Since Jesus Came Since Jesus Came - Kirk Franklin

Try Me Try Me - Kirk Franklin

I Told The Storm I Told The Storm - Kirk Franklin

Soldier Soldier - Hillsong United

How It Used To Be How It Used To Be - Kirk Franklin

If The Devil Was A Man If The Devil Was A Man - Chris Tomlin

Through It All Through It All - Hillsong United

You Are You Are - Kirk Franklin

Did You Hear The Mountains Tremble? Did You Hear The Mountains Tremble? - Hillsong United

All You're Missin' Is A Heartache All You're Missin' Is A Heartache - Michael W. Smith

Lookin' Out For Me Lookin' Out For Me - Kirk Franklin

You All I Need You All I Need - Hillsong United

Most High Most High - Hillsong United

Hide Me Hide Me - Kirk Franklin

A Little Stronger Everyday A Little Stronger Everyday - Michael W. Smith

I Can Only Imagine I Can Only Imagine - Chris Tomlin

In Your Grace In Your Grace - Kirk Franklin

Leave This House Singing Leave This House Singing - United Pursuit

For All You've Done For All You've Done - Hillsong United

Grace Grace - Phil Wickham

I Will Love I Will Love - Hillsong United

Highest Highest - Hillsong United

Welcome To Our World Welcome To Our World - Michael W. Smith

God Is Moving God Is Moving - Hillsong United

One One - United Pursuit - Will Reagan

Live Forever Live Forever - Michael W. Smith

Hope is All I Need Hope is All I Need - Marshall Marshall

Holy, Holy, Holy Holy, Holy, Holy - Hillsong United

Show Me Your Ways Show Me Your Ways - Hillsong United

Come Home Running Come Home Running - Chris Tomlin

Irresistible Irresistible - Hillsong United

Praise Adonai Praise Adonai - Hillsong United

Happy Song Happy Song - Chris Tomlin

Am I To Believe? Am I To Believe? - Hillsong United

Give Us Clean Hands Give Us Clean Hands - Chris Tomlin

Need You Here Need You Here - Hillsong United

Conquerors Conquerors - Kirk Franklin

Centre Of My Life Centre Of My Life - Hillsong United

The Last Letter The Last Letter - Michael W. Smith

Do What I Say Do What I Say - Hillsong United

I Know I Know - Michael W. Smith

On The Other Side On The Other Side - Michael W. Smith

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