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War Cry by Tim Godfrey

Song Information
  • Song Title: War Cry
  • Album: Fearless Wrshp
  • Artist: Tim Godfrey
  • Released On: 20 Jan 2020
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

War Cry Lyrics

The devil thought he had us down 

He's thinking that he has knocked us out 

He's done the very worst he can 

He's done the very worst he can 

Now he's waiting for the very last count 

But the righteous fall several times 

and yet again he will rise 

Darkness cannot triumph over light 

In the name of Jesus we will rise 

No weapon formed against us No 

It won't last 

We declare War War War 

We declare war war war  

No matter what we won't bow 

We will stand our ground 

Tell me who can stand against us 

If the Lord be for us 

Greater is He that is in us 

Than in the world 

Ogbariji gwe pyaNku 

Odugwu naha dike 

Ogbeja kerubonija 

Alagbada ina 

Jagun jagun ode Orun 

No weapon formed against us No 

It won't last 

We declare War War War 

We declare war war war 

Enough is enough 

We need to rise up 

Where do you belong 

And whose side are you on 

The battle is won 

We already won 

We have the victory 

We have victory yeah 

We have won yeah 

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War Cry Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

Title: The Powerful Anthem of Victory: Unveiling the Meaning and Inspiration Behind Tim Godfrey's "War Cry"


In the realm of Christian music, there are songs that stir the spirit, ignite faith, and propel believers to rise above life's challenges. "War Cry" by Tim Godfrey is one such anthem that resonates with its powerful message of victory and triumph.

I. Unleashing the Battle Cry:

1. The Essence of "War Cry":

At its core, "War Cry" represents a declaration of spiritual warfare against the forces of darkness. It encapsulates the belief that no weapon formed against believers shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17) and that in Christ, we have the ultimate victory (1 Corinthians 15:57). The song serves as a rallying call to Christians to stand firm, unwavering in their faith, and to boldly proclaim their allegiance to Jesus Christ.

2. The Inspiration behind "War Cry":

"War Cry" was birthed out of a desire to encourage and empower believers in their walk with Christ. Tim Godfrey, the renowned Nigerian gospel artist, drew inspiration from his personal experiences and the challenges he faced in his journey of faith. The song serves as a testament to God's faithfulness and a reminder that believers are not alone in their battles.

II. Unraveling the Lyrics:

1. A Resilient Spirit:

The opening lines of the song, "The devil thought he had us down, He's thinking that he has knocked us out," convey the enemy's attempts to defeat and discourage believers. However, the lyrics also emphasize the resilience of the righteous, who may fall several times but will rise again (Proverbs 24:16). This message serves as a source of strength and motivation for Christians facing trials and tribulations.

2. The Power of the Name:

Tim Godfrey highlights the power and authority found in the name of Jesus. The lyrics proclaim, "In the name of Jesus, we will rise," echoing the biblical truth that there is no other name given under heaven by which we can be saved (Acts 4:12). This declaration is a reminder that believers have access to a higher power that can overcome any obstacle.

III. Biblical References and Spiritual Warfare:

1. No Weapon Formed Against Us:

The phrase "No weapon formed against us, it won't last" resonates with Isaiah 54:17, which assures believers that every weapon formed against them will not prosper. This biblical truth reinforces the message of victory and encourages believers to trust in God's protection and deliverance.

2. Standing Firm:

The lyrics, "No matter what, we won't bow, we will stand our ground," reflect the biblical exhortation to stand firm in the face of adversity. Ephesians 6:13 encourages believers to put on the full armor of God, enabling them to withstand the attacks of the enemy. "War Cry" serves as a reminder that Christians are called to stand strong in their faith, unwavering and unyielding.

IV. The Language of Worship:

1. Praying in the Spirit:

The line, "Ogbariji gwe pyaNku, Odugwu naha dike," is sung in the Igbo language, a Nigerian dialect. It translates to "The Almighty does great things, the Lion that is mighty." This infusion of indigenous language adds a unique flavor to the song and serves as a reminder that worship transcends cultural boundaries.

2. The Worshipful Battle Cry:

"War Cry" combines elements of worship and warfare, reminding believers that worship is a powerful weapon in spiritual warfare. The lyrics, "Alagbada ina, Jagun jagun ode Orun" translate to "The One clothed in fire, the Mighty Warrior of Heaven." These words magnify God's attributes and serve as an expression of reverence and awe.


Tim Godfrey's "War Cry" is a captivating anthem that emboldens believers to rise above their circumstances, declaring victory in the name of Jesus. The song's powerful lyrics, inspired by personal experiences and biblical truths, resonate with Christians facing spiritual battles. As we lift our voices in worship and declare our allegiance to the Almighty, we are reminded that we serve a God who fights our battles and leads us to triumph. Let "War Cry" be our rallying call, propelling us to stand firm, worship fervently, and claim the victory that is already ours in Christ Jesus.

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