Contemporary Christian music began in 1960's in America, it basically refers the present kind of Music. Contemporary songs are usually informative and inspirational, in the secular world it is the most popular entertainment listened to. This category of genre may be referred to pop or rap music by the youth generation. We verify the kind of modern music entered or submitted to our database to ensure they edify God. Recommended View Also:

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Friends Friends - Michael W. Smith

When I Am Weak When I Am Weak - The Response Band

Won't He Do It Won't He Do It - Koryn Hawthorne - Roshon Fegan

Power To Redeem Power To Redeem - Lauren Daigle

Like A Child Like A Child - Sarah Teibo - Fred Hammond

Still Rolling Stones Still Rolling Stones - Lauren Daigle

No Chains On Me No Chains On Me - Chris Tomlin

God of Justice God of Justice - Tim Hughes

More Than I Can Bear More Than I Can Bear - Kirk Franklin

I Can I Can - Kirk Franklin

Touching Heaven Changing Earth Touching Heaven Changing Earth - Hillsong United

Lamb Of God Lamb Of God - Chris Tomlin

Better For It Better For It - Riley Clemmons

To You To You - Hillsong United

Come Home Running Come Home Running - Chris Tomlin

Right Where You Want Me Right Where You Want Me - Sarah Reeves

More More - Hillsong United

Forevermore Forevermore - David Forlu

All The Heavens All The Heavens - Hillsong United

I'm Gone I'm Gone - Michael W. Smith

What If I Gave Everything What If I Gave Everything - Casting Crowns

You Have Always Been You Have Always Been - Unspoken

Jesus, Our Lord Jesus Jesus, Our Lord Jesus - Hillsong United

He Made Me He Loves Me He Made Me He Loves Me - Ben & Noelle Kilgore

Love Came Down Love Came Down - Kim Walker

Emptiness - You Take Emptiness Away Emptiness - You Take Emptiness Away - United Pursuit

Since Jesus Came Since Jesus Came - Kirk Franklin

Lord I give my heart - This is my desire Lord I give my heart - This is my desire - Michael W. Smith

Won't Hold Back Won't Hold Back - Joe Cirafici

Try Me Try Me - Kirk Franklin

All Things Are Possible All Things Are Possible - Hillsong United

Throw Yo Hands Up Throw Yo Hands Up - Kirk Franklin

Old Enough To Know Old Enough To Know - Michael W. Smith

Always Enough Always Enough - Casting Crowns

Call On The Lord Call On The Lord - Kirk Franklin

Where The Streets Have No Name Where The Streets Have No Name - Chris Tomlin

Worthy Is The Lamb Worthy Is The Lamb - Hillsong United

Glow Glow - Hillsong Worship

House On A Hill House On A Hill - Amanda Lindsey

Take Me Back Take Me Back - Meredith Andrews

Love is A Lion Love is A Lion - Citizen Way

Rythms of Grace Rythms of Grace - Hillsong United

More Than More Than - Hillsong United

What About You What About You - Cece Winans

Love [remix] Love [remix] - Kirk Franklin

One Desire One Desire - Hillsong United

Fall Into You Fall Into You - Phil Wickham

Hand Of Providence Hand Of Providence - Michael W. Smith

I Know It I Know It - Hillsong United

Chains Chains - Kirk Franklin

Ever Living God Ever Living God - Hillsong United

Radiate Radiate - Hannah Kerr

My Hope My Hope - Hillsong United

Salvation Is Here Salvation Is Here - Hillsong United

People Just Like Us People Just Like Us - Hillsong United

Human Spark Human Spark - Michael W. Smith

You Stand Alone You Stand Alone - Hillsong United

Outro Outro - Kirk Franklin

My Desire My Desire - Kirk Franklin

Give Us Clean Hands Give Us Clean Hands - Chris Tomlin

Don't Worry Don't Worry - Kirk Franklin

Calling Heaven Calling Heaven - Michael W. Smith

Kay Thompson's Jingle Bells Kay Thompson's Jingle Bells - Michael W. Smith

Silver And Gold Silver And Gold - Kirk Franklin

Jesus, Jesus Jesus, Jesus - Hillsong United

You All I Need You All I Need - Hillsong United

Most High Most High - Hillsong United

It Would Take All Day It Would Take All Day - Kirk Franklin

Unconditional Unconditional - Kirk Franklin

Your Love Is Beautiful Your Love Is Beautiful - Hillsong United

Shout To The Lord Shout To The Lord - Don Moen

Somebody Love Me Somebody Love Me - Michael W. Smith

The Fire The Fire - Orphan No More

I See This Nation I See This Nation - Children Of Inheritance

Simple Simple - Hannah Kerr

You Don't You Don't - Jeremy Camp

Indestructible Indestructible - Jeremy Camp

It Is You It Is You - Hillsong United

Look To You Look To You - Hillsong United

All I Do All I Do - Hillsong United

For All You've Done For All You've Done - Hillsong United

Worth It All Worth It All - Michael W. Smith

Stay Stay - Hillsong United

Messiah Messiah - Phil Wickham

I Hear Leesha I Hear Leesha - Michael W. Smith

I See You I See You - Michael W. Smith

He Still Does Miracles He Still Does Miracles - Hawk Nelson

Straight To The Heart Straight To The Heart - Michael W. Smith

God Is Moving God Is Moving - Hillsong United

Your Love Your Love - Hillsong United

Undignified Undignified - Chris Tomlin

Hallelujah Hallelujah - Hillsong United

I Am Love I Am Love - Michael W. Smith

Lay Our Crowns Lay Our Crowns - Hillsong United

Majesty (Chorus Only) Majesty (Chorus Only) - Hillsong United

You're My Rock You're My Rock - Hillsong United

Breathe In Me (Triology 2) Breathe In Me (Triology 2) - Michael W. Smith

My Heart Sings Praises My Heart Sings Praises - Hillsong United

Evermore Evermore - Hillsong United

All I Want All I Want - Michael W. Smith