My Epic - You Became I Lyrics

You Became I Lyrics

I once knew that everything around me leapt for you
And I spoke with fiery tongue of heavens fall and of your kingdom come
The words I was saying were leaving with ease but countered the actions that follow my feet
Oh the seduction of meaningless things

I've been eating from gravesides
Swearing oaths to the fairest of moons
Trading masters by firelight
And sleeping in their tombs

All creation waits - Aching for the day
(Earth, the sky, and savage tide will vanish under heavens rise - falling, fading)
There is no escape - From what the author fates
(Greater souls than we conceive - Concern themselves with our retreat)

I've been drifting in my words
I've been shifting my affection to whatever love may call my name
Babel were your men so dim
To build their gods and worship them
Erect escape in increments
And place their faith in intellect

Now we've been weeping at gravesides
Swearing hope is an island away
Just a spark for the firelight
To keep despair at bay

My brothers, we are foolish
If this is how we think we can exist, there is no hope
We are all hopeless, we are broken
No tower built could ever save our souls
There is no hope, there is no

All creation waits
Aching for the day
(Falling, fading)
There is no escape
From what the author fates
(Falling, fading)

We've been living in shadows
Soon exposed to the light
Our existence will rupture
When the maker arrives
Every vanity shattered
Every galaxy frayed
We will suffer no longer
In these delicate frames

But no man knows the season or the time
And fault will find us all in guilty lives
And only mercy can a hope provide
Return, Repent,
Before deep heaven falls upon our heads.

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