My Epic - Zion Lyrics

Zion Lyrics

As a bride, blushing bides on the bed for the touch of her love to arrive 
Other passions call and loom but she will wait for her groom 
Just the same
I am restless for You

As the vagrant, dreams of vacant lands to plow, and a hearth to call home
But each distance only fails him so he'll keep drifting through
Just the same
I am restless for You

You loved me first and fully when nothing lovely existed
all before then grew dim in the light of desire awakened
and all else be cursed 
I choose rather this thirst

No man, no land, no task for my hand ever soothes
I stay restless for You 
All I am, was made for You and no other will do 
So I stay restless for You 

You loved me first and fully when nothing lovely existed
And gifted grace til my heart could awaken, embrace, and return it
All I see now every goodness, each beauty and blessing
Are but tremor and wake and stir me further to love and to longing 

Only for you 
Does my soul wait
Do my bones ache

I'll not be satisfied
Till my hopes and my eyes
Both alight on that view

There leave longing behind
I'll discard my desire
When i'm resting in You

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