My Epic - Lashes Lyrics

Lashes Lyrics

A storm is approaching
I know cause I called it on
I'll catch up lovers in my way
That I'll consumes and throw away
cause there's no woman I could love
More than myself

That's why I still sleep alone

Good God I feel empty now
but no one found out
and I never touched her
I'm trusting less in my defense
Cause there's no difference in
the things that happen in my head
and happen in my bed
Oh God

I'm shakin' like a leaf
I'm shakin'

For 27 years now I've been waiting
27 years now I've been keeping my end
But every single gift I ever gave you
is just a bribe so I could get you
to give me what I wanted

it's and silver
I never cared for innocence just the appearance

Find me and wash me
cause I can't see the stains
my God I'm so scared
Cause I'm so fractured but I don't feel the breaks
have I loved too many daughters
to ever be whole
I'm ashamed that you love me
send grace for the hearts the I stole

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