Kelsy Kerubo - He Found Me Lyrics

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  • Song Title: He Found Me
  • Album: Who I Am
  • Artist: Kelsy Kerubo
  • Released On: 23 Sep 2022
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Kelsy Kerubo He Found Me

He Found Me Lyrics

I found empty in a bottle, tryna fill the hole 
I dug myself 5 feet deep, had one more foot to go 
Looked for peace inside a powder, till it put me on the floor 
Got so close to overdosin’, I knocked on Heaven's door 

I knew I was searching for something  
But I didn’t know what  
I spent so much time just trying to find out  
Exactly what it was  

I didn’t find my way back home, all alone  
I didn’t change my mind overnight, on my own  
It wasn’t my plan or my hands that would finally set me free 
I didn’t find God, no I didn't find God 
He found me  

Don’t know how I didn’t see Him comin’ 
Like headlights in the dark  
With the force of 1000 horses  
Headed straight towards my heart  
Never thought that I’d believe  
Till He was right in front of me  
He was right there all along 
Now I see  

He found me  
In the lonely, in the hopeless, in the broken 
He found me  
At my lowest, not a notice, and I know that  
He found me 
Songwriters: Ben Fuller, Jonathan Gamble, Jason Early

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