Genesis Chapter 42 Young's Literal Translation

Genesis 42:1

And Jacob seeth that there is corn in Egypt, and Jacob saith to his sons, `Why do you look at each other?'

Genesis 42:2

he saith also, `Lo, I have heard that there is corn in Egypt, go down thither, and buy for us from thence, and we live and do not die;'

Genesis 42:3

and the ten brethren of Joseph go down to buy corn in Egypt,

Genesis 42:4

and Benjamin, Joseph's brother, Jacob hath not sent with his brethren, for he said, `Lest mischief meet him.'

Genesis 42:5

And the sons of Israel come to buy in the midst of those coming, for the famine hath been in the land of Canaan,

Genesis 42:6

and Joseph is the ruler over the land, he who is selling to all the people of the land, and Joseph's brethren come and bow themselves to him -- face to the earth.

Genesis 42:7

And Joseph seeth his brethren, and discerneth them, and maketh himself strange unto them, and speaketh with them sharp things, and saith unto them, `From whence have ye come?' and they say, `From the land of Canaan -- to buy food.'

Genesis 42:8

And Joseph discerneth his brethren, but they have not discerned him,

Genesis 42:9

and Joseph remembereth the dreams which he dreamed of them, and saith unto them, `Ye `are' spies; to see the nakedness of the land ye have come.'

Genesis 42:10

And they say unto him, `No, my lord, but thy servants have come to buy food;

Genesis 42:11

we `are' all of us sons of one man, we `are' right men; thy servants have not been spies;'

Genesis 42:12

and he saith unto them, `No, but the nakedness of the land ye have come to see;'

Genesis 42:13

and they say, `Thy servants `are' twelve brethren; we `are' sons of one man in the land of Canaan, and lo, the young one `is' with our father to-day, and the one is not.'

Genesis 42:14

And Joseph saith unto them, `This `is' that which I have spoken unto you, saying, Ye `are' spies,

Genesis 42:15

by this ye are proved: Pharaoh liveth! if ye go out from this -- except by your young brother coming hither;

Genesis 42:16

send one of you, and let him bring your brother, and ye, remain ye bound, and let your words be proved, whether truth be with you: and if not -- Pharaoh liveth! surely ye `are' spies;'

Genesis 42:17

and he removeth them unto charge three days.

Genesis 42:18

And Joseph saith unto them on the third day, `This do and live; God I fear!

Genesis 42:19

if ye `are' right men, let one of your brethren be bound in the house of your ward, and ye, go, carry in corn `for' the famine of your houses,

Genesis 42:20

and your young brother ye bring unto me, and your words are established, and ye die not;' and they do so.

Genesis 42:21

And they say one unto another, `Verily we `are' guilty concerning our brother, because we saw the distress of his soul, in his making supplication unto us, and we did not hearken: therefore hath this distress come upon us.'

Genesis 42:22

And Reuben answereth them, saying, `Spake I not unto you, saying, Sin not against the lad? and ye hearkened not; and his blood also, lo, it is required.'

Genesis 42:23

And they have not known that Joseph understandeth, for the interpreter `is' between them;

Genesis 42:24

and he turneth round from them, and weepeth, and turneth back unto them, and speaketh unto them, and taketh from them Simeon, and bindeth him before their eyes.

Genesis 42:25

And Joseph commandeth, and they fill their vessels `with' corn, also to put back the money of each unto his sack, and to give to them provision for the way; and one doth to them so.

Genesis 42:26

And they lift up their corn upon their asses, and go from thence,

Genesis 42:27

and the one openeth his sack to give provender to his ass at a lodging-place, and he seeth his money, and lo, it `is' in the mouth of his bag,

Genesis 42:28

and he saith unto his brethren, `My money hath been put back, and also, lo, in my bag:' and their heart goeth out, and they tremble, one to another saying, `What `is' this God hath done to us!'

Genesis 42:29

And they come in unto Jacob their father, to the land of Canaan, and they declare to him all the things meeting them, saying,

Genesis 42:30

`The man, the lord of the land, hath spoken with us sharp things, and maketh us as spies of the land;

Genesis 42:31

and we say unto him, We `are' right men, we have not been spies,

Genesis 42:32

we `are' twelve brethren, sons of our father, the one is not, and the young one `is' to-day with our father in the land of Canaan.

Genesis 42:33

`And the man, the lord of the land, saith unto us, By this I know that ye `are' right men -- one of your brethren leave with me, and `for' the famine of your houses take ye and go,

Genesis 42:34

and bring your young brother unto me, and I know that ye `are' not spies, but ye `are' right men; your brother I give to you, and ye trade with the land.'

Genesis 42:35

And it cometh to pass, they are emptying their sacks, and lo, the bundle of each man's silver `is' in his sack, and they see their bundles of silver, they and their father, and are afraid;

Genesis 42:36

and Jacob their father saith unto them, `Me ye have bereaved; Joseph is not, and Simeon is not, and Benjamin ye take -- against me have been all these.'

Genesis 42:37

And Reuben speaketh unto his father, saying, `My two sons thou dost put to death, if I bring him not in unto thee; give him into my hand, and I -- I bring him back unto thee;'

Genesis 42:38

and he saith, `My son doth not go down with you, for his brother `is' dead, and he by himself is left; when mischief hath met him in the way in which ye go, then ye have brought down my grey hairs in sorrow to sheol.'