Reuben Kigame - Rejoice Lyrics

Rejoice Lyrics

Take heart holy Bride
The wedding feast is drawing near
Hard-pressed from every side
But please wipe away your tears.
Yes it is getting dark and wild
And the storms may make you fear
Soon you’ll see the morning light
And the gates shall open wide
Hear the songs and feel the cheer.

So I say rejoice
Let your music never die
I can hear a distant voice

There is hope in the skies;
Again I say rejoice
Your salvation draweth nigh
Please ignore the passing noise
Stop asking why o why.

I sing this song for everyone 
Who has lost the will to stand
For the preacher all alone
And for every music band.
For the hungry and the tired
Everyone with a broken heart
Get up now and wear a smile
You can make it through the night
The wedding feast is about to start.

Behold I’m coming soon
And my reward is with me
To give to everyone
According to what he has done
So get ready
Jesus says.

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