The Psalm Project - Psalm 4 (When I Call) Lyrics

Psalm 4 (When I Call) Lyrics

Hear me as I call, O God
You’re all my righteousness
For You have rescued me
When I was drowning in the depths
Show favor again to me
And hear my prayer

How long, O sons of men, will you tear me down with guilt and shame?
How long will you love what’s worthless?
How long will your hearts chase after lies?

But know that God set me apart
And know that He has chosen me
And He will answer me
He will answer when I call

Pour out your complaints, but do not sin
Commune with Your heart upon your bed and be still
Offer up your sacrifice and trust in Him
For there are many who say, “Who will show us any good?
Lord, show us just how good You are
Unveil Your glory

For You have put gladness in my heart
Even more than the wealthiest of earth
And I will lay me down, I will lay me down in peace
And I will sleep in Your peace
For You alone make me dwell in safety

I can rest because You are good
I can rest because You are faithful
I can rest because You are good to me

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