The Psalm Project - Psalm 35 (Awake, O Lord) Lyrics

Psalm 35 (Awake, O Lord) Lyrics

Plead my cause, LORD, with those opposing me
And fight against those who, who fight against me
Pick up Your shield and armor, stand up and help me
Draw out Your spear, stop those pursuing me
And say to my soul, "I am your salvation"

Let those who hunt me down be put to disgrace
And those who plot against me be turned back in shame
May they be like the chaff blown away by the wind
The angel of the LORD driving them away

May their way be dark, slippery, empty, and vain
With Your angel pursuing them all the way
For they set traps to catch me, though I've done nothing wrong
Let them fall in their traps before they even know

Then my soul will joy in Yahweh
And I'll exalt in His salvation
All my bones will say, "Who is like You, saving the powerless from those oppressing them?"

Violent witnesses rise up from everywhere
With accusations I've never heard before
And they repay me evil for doing good to them
Like one who's lost a loved one, my soul is overwhelmed

Though I when they were sick, I prayed and fasted for them
I put on mourning clothes, prayed with my head to my chest
I grieved as if they were my brother or my friend
As one who grieves his mother, I bowed myself down

But at my stumbling, they gathered and rejoiced
O, wretched men that I've never seen before
Their torture is relentless, their mockings never cease
They tear at me with words, they gnash at me with their teeth

How long, O Lord, will you watch this? 
Deliver me from their endless violence
Save my precious life from these lions
Then I will praise You in the great assembly
I will give You praise in front of everyone

Don't let those wrongfully my foes rejoice over me
Nor those who hate me without cause wink with malice
They speak not peace, but lies against the faithful in the land
They open wide their mouths against me
They say, "Aha, our eyes have seen it"
You have seen it, LORD
Don't be silent to me, O Lord
Do not be far from me
Do not be far from me
Awake, O Lord

Awake, O Lord, and arise for my right and my cause
Lord, my God
O vindicate me according to Your righteousness
Don't let my foes rejoice

Don't let them say in their hearts, "We've achieved our desire
"We've devoured his very soul"
Let them be disgraced who rejoice at my pain
Let them be clothed with shame who exalt themselves against me

Let those who joy in my victory shout for joy and be glad
May they ever say, "Great is the LORD
Who delights in my prosperity"

Then my tongue shall declare Your righteousness
And Your praise all day long
Then my tongue shall declare Your righteousness
And Your praise all day long

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