The Psalm Project - Psalm 6 (Heal Me) Lyrics

Psalm 6 (Heal Me) Lyrics

O LORD, do not rebuke me in Your anger
Nor chasten me in Your wrath
Be merciful to me, for I am weak and pining away

So heal me
Heal me
Heal me, Yahweh
Heal me
Heal me
Heal me, for my bones are dismayed

And my soul is greatly dismayed
But You, O LORD, how long?

Return, O LORD, deliver my soul
If you love me, then save me
‘Cause I cannot live for You if I waste away
Nor can I give You praise

I am worn out from groaning
All night and I flood my bed with tears
My eyes are wasting away with grief
Because of all my enemies

Depart, You enemies
For the LORD has heard my weeping
He will receive my prayer
Let all my enemies
Be ashamed and disappointed
Let them turn back and be suddenly defeated

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