The Psalm Project - Psalm 7 (Vindicate Me) Lyrics

Psalm 7 (Vindicate Me) Lyrics

O LORD, my God, in You I place my trust
O LORD, my God, in You I place my trust
Rescue me from those who persecute me
And deliver me
Or they’ll devour my soul like a lion
Tearing me to pieces while my screams ring out in vain

O LORD, my God, if I have done what they say
If I’m the one in the wrong
If I have rewarded evil unto one who was at peace with me

Then let my enemies come and have their way with me
Let them take everything
Let them take their shots at me until I’m dead
And drag my name through the dirt

Arise, rise, rise, LORD, in Your anger
And wage, wage war against the anger of my enemies
Gather them into Your courts of justice
Ascend to Your judgment seat
And rain down justice from Your holy throne
Declare them guilty as they are
Acquit me of their charges and vindicate me
According to my innocence and my integrity

For the righteous God searches the mind and heart
He will establish the just and end all wickedness

And I have a shield from God who rescues those in the right
And every day His anger burns against the wicked ones
And if they will not turn around…

He has sharpened His sword
And He has bent back His bow
And taken aim with His arrows He set on fire
Because His foes are intent on evil
And they conceive nothing but worthless lies
And they have set a trap for me to fall into
But they will fall into the pit they made
Their evil will recoil and return to them
Their violence will come back around
And ruin them instead

And I will praise the LORD
According to His righteousness
And I will sing praise to the Most High

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